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'I don't like wasting money on expensive outfits'

Tuesday, March 21, 2017
By Radhika Sharma

She may have made her debut as a well-heeled student in 'Student of the Year', but Alia Bhatt says she is not brand conscious in real life and does not like splurging on pricey clothes.

The 24-year-old actress says she would wear something that compliments her than buy expensive clothes she might not wear again.

"I'm not brand conscious when you talk about clothes. But when it comes to my shoes and bags, I'm brand conscious because you need them to last long as they are used on a daily basis.”

"I can wear something right from Colaba Causeway store to a Gucci label in my wardrobe. It all depends on what will look good on me. I don't like wasting money on expensive outfits which I might not wear again. I'd rather mix and match," said Alia.

The actress says although fashion has an age element attached to, it helps one understand what makes people around them tick.

"Fashion does age over time. Like we can differentiate between what appears like a younger look or an older one. But I think fashion defines personality. It is the best way of looking at somebody, you finding something about them," said the actress.

When asked about how it was being a showstopper for fashion designer Namrata Joshipura at the recently concluded AIFW, Alia shares she does not consider herself to be a quintessential model material but enjoys her time on the ramp.

"Walking the ramp is a difficult task. It's very different from acting. It's pretty close to theatre. I really feel inspired by the models who have to constantly keep up with the energy doing the live show. There are no retakes.”

"I won't call myself a model per se but I love being on the stage. Also, I don't walk for too many people. When I walk for someone, it should be special. I should share a personal relationship with that person," said Alia.

Talking about her act as the main model, the 'Highway' star says she tries to bring out the personality of the showstopper while walking for a designer.

"When you walk the ramp for a designer as a showstopper, it's not about your personality... It's about what the designer wants to convey through you," she said.

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