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‘I am still at the periphery in Bollywood’

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

From being on the fringes of the Hindi film industry to becoming a sought after director with a dedicated fan base, Anurag Kashyap has come a long way but the film-maker says he would rather stay at the periphery than be an insider in Bollywood

After more than a decade in the industry and a host of brilliant films to back him, Anurag says he is extremely comfortable in his own space and no longer wishes to be part of the "interiors" of Bollywood.

"I am still at the periphery in Bollywood. The fact is that I have stopped trying to be part of the interior now. I am very comfortable where I am right now in my career and with myself. I have become mature. I just want to make films.''

Entering the industry at a point when soft romantic stories were popular, Anurag's work explored the grittier and darker stories be it is writing in films like "Satya", "Shool" and "Kaun" or initial films as a director, "Black Friday" "Paanch" and "No Smoking". He eventually got acceptance with critical acclaim for "Dev D", "Gulaal", "That Girl in Yellow Boots" and "Gangs of Wasseypur- 1 and 2".

There is also a belief that this tag of a 'filmmaker with a difference' cost him heavily when he offered the audience an opulent and stylish "Bombay Velvet". While audience and critics felt the director "deviated" from his path of realistic cinema, Anurag begs to differ and says the movie was his choice. He, however, admits the presence of a star, a big budget and opening weekend pressure put him on the back foot.

"In this country, which is so celebrity-obsessed, stars come with their images and expectations. So, it doesn't matter if a star wants to break the image, he also has to be brave enough to face the consequences. For me there's no bigger enemy of an artist than his fans. That's the ultimate truth because the fan has expectations and if you fall for that and start catering to that you will never grow in life. I don't give a damn what fans say. My fan does not matter to me. It's my audience that I want to create. If a film is good it will find its audience. If my fans have their way all my life, I will be making 'Wasseypur' or 'Dev D'. Fan is good for stars and celebrities but I would rather not have fans.''

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