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I am concerned about money, not critical acclaim: Bhatt

Friday, September 14, 2012
By Rajesh V. Gaur and Suneel V. Gaur

It is said that Mahesh Bhatt, who celebrates his birthday on September 20, thrives on controversy. “I have a problem with authority. That’s the way I have always been. Controversy brings things into focus,” says Bhatt. His ‘Raaz 3’ has just hit the theatres and he is in an upbeat mood. Excerpts from an interview with the outspoken genius called Mahesh Bhatt.

What is your opinion about Raaz 3?
It’s a well made film in 3D technology. The film is a love story which is interweaved with horror and drama. It spotlights the real face of the film industry and showcases the insecurity and fear of loosing stardom that prevails there. How one wants to cling on to their position in the industry, is the crux of the story.

Your views on Bipasha Basu in this film?

Bipasha has worked really hard on her role and done a great job. ‘Raaz 3’ is also Bipasha’s endeavour to find her lost glory.

And your views on Emran Hashmi?
I had planted this sapling called Emran Hashmi, and it’s a full-fledged tree now. He is a star and he knows his job.

Your expectations from ‘Raaz 3’?
It’s a horror love story and horror films have a global market. Vikram has made a good film and he is well versed with the 3D technology. I don’t see any reason for the film not doing well.

Do sex and violence help the box office ratings of a film?
At this stage in my life, I am only concerned about popular success. The box-office verdict is the only verdict I am seeking. I am not looking for critical acclaim. I am looking for money, not for praise.

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