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'Even I have suffered a heart-break, off-screen'

Tuesday, April 11, 2017
By Chaitanya Padukone

Articulate Arjun Kapoor seemed upbeat as he candidly spoke about his upcoming Balaji banner romantic flick ‘Half Girlfriend’ (‘HG’) directed by Mohit Suri where he is paired opposite the ravishing Shraddha Kapoor, even as its trending trailer was being launched.

“Today’s youth, I feel, generally doesn’t fall instantly in love, they take quite some time to figure out, if they are actually made-for-each-other. They believe is spending more time to discover each other instead of taking the relationship for granted. Every guy wants to check out multiple options before they zoom onto the right mate. This has also evolved thanks to rapid cellular digital evolution and dating options at ubiquitous coffee shops, that wasn’t there may be two decades ago. Even parents these days are more open-minded. During my academic phase, dating was restricted to chatting within the in-house canteen,” revealed Arjun who also admitted that he consented to act in ‘HG’ after going thru the movie-script and not just because the book authored by Chetan Bhagat was a ‘best-seller’.

In a confession mode, Arjun admitted even in ‘real-life’ he had experienced the pangs of parting with a ‘half-girlfriend’. “On this girl’s birthday, on whom I had a secret crush, she introduced me to her boyfriend and it was so shocking, that I couldn’t speak to her after that. Now she is happily settled in the U.K.,” confided the hunky Kapoor, whose screen character ‘Madhav’ is shown facing linguistic and romantic hurdles, but eventually emerging a ‘full boyfriend'.

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