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Asin is ‘Ready’ to romance Sallu!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011
By Sandeep Hattangadi

South actress Asin who first made waves in ‘Ghajani’ is now back with her second film ‘Ready’ along with Salman Khan. We caught up with her during the promotions of ‘Ready’ and quizzed her on the film and all the rumors that are doing the rounds regarding her and Salman. Here is what the bubbly cheerful girl told the ‘ADC’.

What is your character in Ready?
I play a simple girl called Sanjana who has problems with some members of her family. Prem (Salman Khan) enters my life and helps me. Then we fall in love, etc.
Since you have worked with Salman in two film, back to back (London Dreams), how is your on and off screen chemistry with him?
Salman has gone out of the way to make me comfortable on sets. As for Salman as a person, he has very pure emotions. If he does not like you, he will tell you on the face, unlike most people in our industry who indulge in back biting. Salman also was cool with me for I grasped his straight-faced humor.

Did Salman smooch you in the film, something he has never done before?
God, this is a family oriented film and there is no scope for a liplock or any major intimate scene. Yes, there is innocent kissing, but he has done the same in ‘Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam’ as well, so what is this hue and cry all about?

Salman is quoted to have said that you should be credited with the idea behind the chartbuster song ‘character dheela hai’?
(Laughs) That is Salman at his best, pulling my leg as usual.

Is it true that Salman has gifted you a flat and a puppy?
I just don’t get what is this sensational journalism. These guys circulate totally false stories and we have to do a lot of unnecessary explanations. I still live in the same flat which I did during ‘Ghajani’s’ making. I am an animal lover, but I don’t have any pets, so does it settle all these rumors (exasperated) !

Why was there such a gap between your films?
Well, I am not an insecure person, I don’t need to be constantly seen. I pick and choose projects which I like based on the script, character and team, etc. But the fact that you are asking me this question makes me feel wanted, thank you so much. As for now, I am totally ready for ‘Ready’ and hope it gets all the love and affection of the audience.

What would be your ideal role?
Meaningful meaty, female-oriented roles in commercial films. Normally, you only get such offers from alternative cinema. The reason why I prefer commercial films is that they connect you to a much wider audience.

Do you still consider yourself a South film actress or now HiFi has totally taken over?
I am Indian entertainment industry actress, not bound by various linguistic regions. I was born in Kerala, but got most of my success in Tamil and Telegu films; in fact, I got my first felicitation from the Andhra Pradesh state government which instituted the Nandi awards. After getting a super debut in Mumbai (Ghajani), I am now settled here but that does not mean that I will not do South films anymore. If something really interesting or challenging comes along, I will surely consider it.

You have worked with A listers of Hindi cinema — Aamir Khan, Salman (Ready, London Dreams) and you will soon be seen sharing screen space with Akshay Kumar in Houseful 2?
Apart from talent and hard work there is something called the X factor, it can be luck or good wishes of people around that I got a golden opportunity working with such great stalwarts so early in my Hindi film career.

What do you like and dislike about Mumbai?
I just love this city’s vibrant and cosmopolitan nature. But yes, the mad traffic snarls make me go crazy at the same time.

How did you take the flopping of ‘London Dreams?’
I have been in the entertainment industry long enough to take hits and flops in my stride. These things are bound to happen. All you can do is put in your best and leave the rest to destiny. And it was a reasonably successful film with great music and performances which were critically appreciated too. 
Well, Asin is ‘Ready’ for super-stardom, is all we can say.

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