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Thursday, August 04, 2016
By Sandeep Hattangadi

Akshay Kumar is on a career high after a slew of hits like ‘Gabbar’ ‘ Airlift’, Holiday, etc.We recently met him and had a conversation regarding his character in the film, ‘Rustom’ and its clash with ‘Mohenjo Daro’ and a lot more which he spoke in a heart to heart talk at the press meet of the film

On ‘Rustom’ increasing the responsibility on him as it’s based on true events
It is based on true incidents, it’s not one person’s incident. So there are a lot of characters in the film. My responsibility comes if I want to do the film. Once I have agreed to it, it’s the director’s responsibility and I just have to act. And, I have seen the film and all I can say is specially women are going to love the film.

On reference point for ‘Rustom’ as a Parsee character
My secretary is a Parsee and a lot of other friends of mine are, so I know Parsees very well. The only thing I improvised was the moustache because of my father.

On real and fiction part of the film
For the continuation of one scene to another that we add in the film, only that is fiction, otherwise everything is real.

On being typecast as action hero, then a comedy actor, in the initial stage of his career
I try and get some different roles so that I feel good in the morning when I wake up that I am going to do something different for at least 2 months and then after that it gets boring.

I try and finish my shoot in 2 or 2 and a half months and you won’t believe that I have just started ‘Jolly LLB’, one month more and I am through it.

On clash with ‘Mohenjo Daro’
It’s a big date, it has a lot of holidays around it and history has shown us that in these dates two big films can do business easily.

No, I didn’t talk to anybody regarding the release date, but this is happening, so we can’t do anything much about it.

On Naseeruddin Shah’s comment
It’s okay. Everything it’s finished, he apologized and it’s all over now. Let’s go ahead, let’s not be too involved in this.

Akshay believes in Early to bed ….Early to rise mantra  explain?
If you are staying in Mumbai, you know how bad the traffic is here during peak hours. So, if you wake up at 5 a.m. and start your day by 6, you get saved from the traffic and similarly, you finish off work by 2-3 p.m. in the evening and at that time too, the traffic is much lesser. Plus, when you get home early, you get some time for yourself like your hobbies and family.

In continuation to this we asked  is this the reason that you are able to do 3-4 films a year, unlike Salman Khan or Aamir Khan, who  do only one film a year.
May be. But, more importantly I treat my shooting schedule like going to the office.

And because of this routine, I am able to complete the shoot in 20-30 days which other people do in 3-4 months and this is how I manage to do multiple films a year.

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