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‘Aazaan’ targets China as enemy

Friday, October 07, 2011

Till 12 years back whenever an enemy nation had to be pointed out in a Hindi movie, the reference words were 'padosi mulk'. It all changed with Aamir Khan's Sarfarosh (1999) when for the first time ever this 'padosi mulk' also got a name - Pakistan. There was a sense of taking 'one step forward' for Bollywood since never before had a movie been so vociferous in pointing out the epicentre of trouble and mischief.

Circa 2011 and things seem to be taking a different track. Though 26/11 still refuses to be erased from memory of Indians, there is a different perspective being put on the state of affairs, especially when it comes to terrorism. The film which is doing that is Sachiin Joshi's ‘Aazaan’ and this time around the key enemy being pointed out is not Pakistan but China.

Says a source attached to the writing team of film which did an extensive research before putting it all together on paper, "In ‘Aazaan’, we are we are trying to show that for every problem that happens in our country, we can't be necessarily blaming Pakistan all the time. Mind you, we are not going pro-Pakistan but then we are just trying to open everyone's eyes and urging people to look at it all from a different point of view as well. We are making a statement that China is silently supporting Pakistan while even a supposedly harmless looking Bangladesh is cracking our country."

With such explosive statements being made, isn't ‘Aazaan’ possibly opening a can of worms that could lead to some massive debates and counter views.

"We are ready for that", Sachiin comes out in defense of his team's research, "I have been in touch with folks belonging to Indian Intelligence and have had concrete talks about how Bangladesh as well as even Sri Lanka is easily supporting China in targeting India. Of course Pakistan too is a party to that but then the key player at the epicentre here is China. They feel that the biggest threat to them is from India and not United States of America. We have said it in as many terms in the movie as well."

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