In a country like India, where a degree in the Arts and Humanities is stereotyped as an option for the “stupid” St Xavier’s has a culture that takes pride in both. And when you consider that it’s Science faculty is hugely respected, this is rich praise indeed! It’s funny how Xavierites are typecast as bold, unconventional and westernized. Yet, it is also the only college that has dared to bar sleeveless tops, above the knee skirts, over-casual wear for boys and even cellphone use during college hours! Now that’s tough.

What has also been a hallmark of Xavier culture is the way studentship is defined by all-round development. You have to find something you like to do, over and above studying – and swots receive scant respect.

So whether it is putting together its prestigious inter-collegiate festival Malhar, the IMC music society, the debate club, the heritage society or the science or law magazine, students from every stream and expected and encouraged to contribute to the college beyond the classroom. Perhaps this is why Xavier’s, in over a 150 years of its existence, has given the city, and the country more achievers than you could shake a stick at – their alumnus records read like a Hall of Fame!


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