Brown is slowly, but steadily, being edged out by red and white. Once a bastion of whisky and beer, India is gradually turning into a nation of wine drinkers and Mumbai, which has the highest sales of wine in the country, is leading the way. It’s impossible to go for any serious, or frivolous, event and not be offered a glass of wine. It may not be a very good wine, but the fact that it’s a wine made from wine grapes represents a marked shift from the days of table grape-based Goan Port. Though for many, the categories of wine are still either red, white and, not sparkling, but champagne, the number of drinkers who are aware of wine regions and grape varietals is reasonably large. It’s not uncommon to find people asking for a cabernet sauvignon or a merlot instead of a red, a chardonnay, chenin or sauvignon blanc instead of white and many even know that Indian sparkling wine isn’t the same as champagne. There are enough serious wine drinkers now for most department stores to make sure they stock some wine accessories and you can find at least one model of a wine cooler in the refrigerator section of most electronic stores.


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