As time passed the offices of political parties transformed from shabby out-houses to the latest in swank. Sena Bhavan had an advantage over most – its own building in dadar. But it was a sorry-looking structure.

No more, however. The new Sena Bhavan reflects Mumbai's post-2000 identity as a world-class city and a premiere corporate destination. The party has to keep pace with changing times, and still safeguards Marathi asmita (pride) as well as the spirit of Hindutva. For selecting party candidates for the 1985 closely fought BMC elections and the 1990 state Assembly polls, or choosing the first Chief Minister of the Shiv Sena in January 1999, the old building saw a lot of action. Pity its upgradedavatar has come at a time when the party seems to be suffering one political setback after another. Notwithstanding its call centre to respond to public appeals for help, something no other party in Mumbai has bothered to do.


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