He needs no introduction. A living legend, whom almost everyone tries to emulate, but none have succeeded. He is loved, he is hated... but the man commands respect on the street. He is blunt, he is rude… but his integrity is his hallmark. Often called India’s Warren Buffet, he is still one of the country’s richest individual investors and his net worth is estimated to be over Rs 4,000 crores.

He is an independent thinker and has a passion for equities. He is a measured risk taker. Is not afraid to make mistakes, but if he has made a mistake, he recognizes it, writes it off and moves on. Never regrets, but always learns. No religion, no emotion, no ego… he follows no rules. But means for him remain more important than the ends. His characteristics and investing principles have made him, what he today is: India’s most successful investor.


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