Only in Paradise will you find Temptation. The chunky deep-fried, batter coated shredded Mutton Sandwich has been a permanent fixture on the menu now alongside other favourites like Scotch Broth, mutton cutlets, their delightfully juicy steak and the masala-ish Mexican rice. Of course, Paradise has always been renowned for its Parsi food. The Parsi menu is limited with fixed daily specials: Sundays is dhan sak and if you miss out on it for lunch, there’s no guarantee that there’ll be any left for dinner. Little has changed at Paradise over the decades. The customers are mostly regulars and the only thing that changes on the menu are the prices. A few years ago, they air conditioned and renovated the inside, adding another room and changing the lighting, but the changes were purely cosmetic. At heart, Paradise remains what it always, was a bastion of old-world, Parsi-style continental food.


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