Kailash Parbat is not just a Sindhi restaurant, it is one of Colaba’s most well-known landmarks. Before they opened their branches people would come from all over for the dahi puri and the bhel puri, they would come for the ragda pattice and the dahi wada, they would come for their sweet, gaudy, milky but, oh so sinful, falooda kulfi. Sleepy, slow paced K Rustom is a favourite for just one thing – the ice cream sandwich. It drips all over but the thick slab of ice cream between two crispy wafers brings out the child in you. Despite its name Koliwada fish has nothing to do with the Kolis but was an invention of the Punjabis who settled down in Sion-Koliwada. Spicy and juicy, the batter coated fish topped with chaat masala is a favourite now across the city. Allgood K’s!


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