Could be you, me, the istri walla, your bai, the baker, the butcher, the candle-stick maker, your doctor, lawyer, plumber. Touted as Mumbai’s biggest problem, the fact is, migrants have contributed to making the city what it is today, a cosmopolitan hub that attracts people who want to make it and don’t mind working to do so.

The figure is 350 families every day. It is a political problem and also spells largesse to the same class as they build up vote banks to keep themselves in power. They are a thorn in the side of local regional parties, as well as an opportunity to show the sons of the soil how much they “care”. Thanks to political opportunism, everyone is now over-sensitive about the immigrant problem, going to the extent of suggesting absurdities as setting up borders and giving people “permissions” to come in.

The families in question thumb their noses at all such efforts and continue to flood in. Is there a solution? Sure – improve the infrastructure, stop the corruption, improve conditions in villages that are home to these people. The last would appear the easiest, but you think anyone is listening?

Population of Greater Mumbai? Go to P. It’ scary.


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