Far from being shunned, we know people who look out for particular friends chiefly at traffic signals. The cruelty continues – chakka, people shout. The jeering is still loud. But understanding, sympathy and an awareness of what makes the third gender tick are growing.

Today, this faceless community that lived in the hidden corners of Mumbai,has now come out in the open and has a face called ‘Lakshmi’. Speaking fluent English and completely up to date with what is happening around her, Lakshmi says that she had never expected that things would take such a positive turn for them chiefly because of the hypocrisy endemic to our society. Both print and electronic media and globalization in general, have actually helped. “I wouldn’t say that it only because of one Lakshmi that things have happened. Many like minded people have come together and made this change occur,” says Lakshmi.

“Mumbai has given us a face. From the invisibles we have become the visibles. Just keep loving us and supporting us,” she says.


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