Setting the trend of pavement fashion Mumbai's Fashion Street is a must visit haunt for any Indian or foreigner buyer. One of the first export surplus outlets in the country, which spawned many in Delhi, Bangalore, and Chennai, Fashion Street started originally near the Museum at Kala Ghoda and later was shifted opposite Bombay Gymkhana. Its main attraction is the thrill of bargaining for fashionable clothes with foreign labels at throw away prices from nearly 130 roadside stalls which are crushed into a kilometre. Think Ralph Lauren for a couple of hundred bucks - honest!

It's a haven for apparel shopping for not only the college kids and working women who have a tight budget but even the rich and famous who enjoy browsing through the latest fashion trends on the street. It's a thrilling experience for foreigners who can pick up bargains and garments which they probably can't afford back home. Regular Fashion Street loyalists know when to strike for the latest goods - which are normally twice a year when export houses unload their unshipped or surplus garments into the local market to make good their losses.


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