A quarter century of fashion shows have been considered the Golden Years for the industry and has seen the business turn more professional. Mumbai's early choreographers like the Spencer Sisters, Jeannie Naoroji, and Sangeeta Chopra who created top models Mehr Jessia, Madhu Sapre, and Anna Bredmeyer have given way to their successors, Lubna Adam, Alison Kanuga, Achala Sachdev, and Marc Robinson. The advent of fashion weeks in Mumbai has given the back and front stage stars a new and burgeoning profession. From wildly dancing entries on the ramp which were the trademark of Jeannie Naoroji and Sangeeta Chopra; the new ramp stars of Amazonian proportions, strut haughtily down the catwalk while domestic and foreign buyers grimly critique and observe the clothes. Mumbai is the Mecca of fashion; designers, models and anyone connected with the fashion business who wants to make it big as to make it in this mega metropolis if they want to be known nationally for Mumbai is the New York of India.


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