There was a time (many light years ago) when the intelligentsia sneered at film awards, their juries and their star-spangled dances, their trophies and their audiences.

No one has the time to do that any more - too many award ceremonies to watch/attend. Lofty magazines, shrill news channels, propah business papers, well-meaning NGOs - they're all handing out the trophies like there was no newscast tomorrow. Saas bahu soaps have their own awards, restaurants want 'em too, and politicians will not be left behind. What would Rajiv Gandhi have said if he saw Katrina Kaif gyrating at an awards show in his name? Approved thoroughly, perhaps - you can't fight trophies and titillation any more.

And what the hell, they're providing so much year-round employment to thousands, why not join 'em? What say you, readers, to the Best Pothole of the Year?


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