Gangster fallen on bad times but still a force to reckon with, if present-day gang wars are to be believed. When the ADC began its run in 1985, he was a part of the Dawood Ibrahim group, a partner who stood by his friend even when the Shiv Sena began its "our boys" trip, meaning Hindu dons like Arun Gawli versus Muslim dons.

Then came the March 1993 bomb blasts, believed to have been engineered by Dawood Ibrahim, and the two fell out. Chhota Rajan himself is a fugitive from the law, believed to be variously in Malaysia or Dubai. Flamboyant murders have shaken both countries as the bloody feud between the two has continued for more than 15 years. Most recently, Chhota Rajan has been suspected in the killing of lawyer Shahid Azmi in Mumbai. Azmi was defending Fahid Ansari, the man suspected of carrying out the reconnaissance for 26/11.

Chhota Rajan is reported to have broken his back escaping from an attack upon his life in Bangkok a decade ago. There is no confirmation on his health now.

But his clout continues, both on the street as his gangs fight D Company, as well as in the police force, where in January, a party allegedly hosted by one of his lieutenants was busted. Several police officers were caught on tape having a good time.


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