When Victoria Terminus was rechristened Shivaji Chhatrapati Terminus, we sneered, we wept, we mourned, we stubbornly persisted in calling our Gothic beauty VT. Somewhere along the way, we slipped to a grudging ST, for Shivaji Terminus.

Then came the airports, Santacruz and Sahar, and suddenly both were CSTs too. But we've survived those as well. Victoria may still be remembered, but Shivaji is firmly in the saddle. As for the airports, we just call them the Domestic and the International. And the Prince of Wales Museum, re-christened (you guessed it) Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya, is mostly Museum.

But as has happened in the case of the re-christening of the city, it's possible not just to get used to change, but also like it. After all, who remembers Peking any more, except in connection with duck!


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