A luxury specific to Mumbai, especially the Sobos. Thanda paan, is the iced version of a sada or meetha paan, a much sort after post-dinner morsel. All paan walas in Mumbai claim that they belong to Allahabad, thereby certifying their credibility.

Areas like Walkeshwar, Colaba, Churchgate, and Breach Candy in South Mumbai, have their own favourites, and the well-heeled and fashionable are prone to stopping by and ordering in bulk. With all the usual ingredients, laced with kesar, khus or any other popular flavour, the cool paan is a unique concept to Mumbai.

"Accha lagta hai, kuch thanda kha ke(it feels nice to have something cool)" is the only reason people can cough up to explain their liking for the thanda paan. Muchad, a small shop round kemps corner is known to sell the best and the newest flavour in town.

's offerings, there is something wrong with you. Address? Google him. Of course he's on the internet!


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