Church Gate is named after the gate of the 18th century St. Thomas Cathedral, situated near the present day Flora Fountain and was one of the three gates of the walled city of Bombay. In the mid nineteenth century, the city walls were torn down to aid expansion.

Starting point of numerous trains, one can witness the conundrum of office goers - millions alighting each day to get to their offices in South Mumbai. Also tourists alight to go the Marine Drive area, known as the 'Queen's Necklace' made famous through countless Bollywood movies.

Focal point of educational institutions like the University of Mumbai, Government Law, Jamnalal Bajaj, etc. there are also the stadiums for sports lovers - Wankhede, Mahindra Hockey and Brabourne. And of course the Oval Maidan - where countless school boys perfect their cricketing skills - and young waiters and helpers from the area come and reclaim their childhood by playing some football during weekends. Stroll around this area to get a feel as to how Bombay must have looked like back in time.


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