Everyone's favourite bastard cuisine, Chinese is available in more forms than there are regions in China. There's Chinese for every budget and for every palate: from thela Chinese, Udipi Chinese, Jain Chinese, Kolkata-style Hakka and Cantonese Chinese, to Punjabi and Mughlai Chinese and finally five-star hotel Chinese. Chinese has been so whole-heartedly embraced by every community that everyone from the beggar on the street to the fat cat in the Mercedes knows their Szechwan from their chopsuey. No one cares about how true the food is to the original or the traditional, we're as happy eating it when it's been made by imported Chinese chefs as we are when it's made by imported Nepali cooks. It's become so much a part of our daily fare that we want it on our pizzas and inside our dosas, we'll happily eat a chicken chilli with our biryani or a chicken Manchurian with a chapatti. It's not Chinese anymore, it's Indian-Chinese.


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