It's an unlikely location for the world's second largest candy maker: a noisy, dusty, non-too-corporate corner in one of the city's toniest residential localities. Even stranger still, the building - a rather low-key white one - has become a landmark of sorts. That's a tribute to the power of the purple-and-gold logo that has held its own in India despite the attack of the liberalised Toblerones and Fererro Rochers and a worm scare in 2003. To large swathes of India, the word Cadbury's is synonymous with chocolates, much like Godrej and cupboards or Xerox and copiers. In fact, it enjoys a market share of over 70% -- the highest Cadbury brand share in the world.

While Cadbury's Dairy Milk leads the march, brands like 5 Star, Perk, Eclairs, Bournvita, Halls and Bubbaloo help buttress the ranks. That's a lot of brand names. But then, Cadbury's came to India just one year after Independence in 1948.

And its corporate headquarters, 'White House' (not to be confused with 15, Pennsylvania Avenue or even the Jindal mansion down the road) came up in the late 50's a beautiful s, replacing a beautiful bungalow.


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