Born in Navsari, brought up and educated in Jamshedpur, resident of Mumbai, Sangit Natak Academy Award winner, Padmashri Astad Deboo, India's greatest contemporary dancer, choreographer, man-of-heart, is truly a citizen of the world. He has danced before commoners, presidents and kings, collaborated with a range of artists in jugalbandhis that were unforgettable, proved that it is possible for time and space to be made fellow performers, changed the language of dance and given it an all-embracing vocabulary that enhances each and every work he creates.

Long before it became "fashionable" to work with "special dancers", he was busy teaching deaf students to dance, taking them to Gallaudet University in Washington, opening at least one Olympic show with them in Australia.

From Manipur, he brought pungcholom to the world, used ethnic martial art dance forms to craft new definitions of modern dance.

Currently, he is working with street children, pushing the envelope for them in wondrous ways, showing them and the world of what can be done with material that can only be described as raw.

Only Astad could have done it.


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