It's a question that has pretty much lasted the last 25 years. Why does ADC have such a long name? What's with Despatch and Courier? So we will try and answer.

It is what the late, great Behram Contractor wanted - a long name that spread across the masthead space, giving the newspaper, even though it is a tabloid, more gravitas that is usually associated with the format.

It is a viewpoint that has been upheld with varying degrees of success, even in the days when news about the underworld was always front page and not relegated to the inside as is normal today. The ADC is serious about the business of news while keeping up with the trend of seeing things from the readers' side of the fence.

In its 25 years of existence, the ADC has been witness to enormous change in every area of life in Mumbai, and has done its best to record those changes as well as reflect them. In the maelstrom of life that is the city that was still Bombay when we started, it is no longer enough to be able merely to access news, but also to interpret, analyse, describe, evaluate and distribute it, if it is to impact lives in a constructive way.

Today, we are happy to announce that we launch our website as well. Catch us on Soon, it will be the mobile space as well.
Meanwhile, you can continue to pick us up from your news-stands as usual, Monday to Saturday. And Sunday, very soon!


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