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Breakthrough in Kandivli kidnap case

Friday, April 08, 2011
By Kunal Chonkar

Sniffer dog traces missing boy’s smell to rickshaw stand

The Mumbai Police Dog Squad has made a breakthrough in a case involving the alleged abduction of six-year-old Karnik Shah from Kandivli. According to police officers from the North region Dog Squad, traces of the boy’s odour were marked by the sniffer dog and led to the rickshaw stand.

“We had marked the smell of Karnik through his clothes for the dog to locate his last position and possible line of movement,” informed the senior officer, Dog Squad.

The dog has mapped the movement of Karnik from his building gate to Mahavir Nagar rickshaw stand, which is almost 40 meters away. “There is a strong possibility that Karnik was moved from the building and then travelled through the rickshaw, as the odour of his sweat gets weak over at the rickshaw stand,” added the officer.

Apart from the Dog Squad, Unit 11 and Unit 12 of Crime Branch have been pressed into the action following directions from Commissioner Arup Patnaik.

The case
On Wednesday, at around 7pm, Karnik was reported missing by his parents at the Kandivli police station. “The building children were playing a cricket match after which Karnik never returned home,” said Anand Shah, father of the missing child. Studying in Senior KG, Karnik was a very smart kid at the Mahavir Nagar society.

From the time the cricket game  got over, no one has recalled having seen the boy in the locality. Police are now confirming that it could possibly be a case of abduction for money.

“His father who previously worked as a share broker, now runs a super specialty eye-testing centre. The family has plentiful earning thus making it possible for someone to abduct Karnik to extract money,” added a senior police inspector, Kandivli.

Kidnapper identified

The residential society where the Shahs live also has a small temple, which is visited by hundreds of devotees. According to the police and their informants, a youth by the name of Sunny (in his 30s) is the probable abductor. “He was reported by onlookers and residents of the colony to be very friendly with the kids. Since the day Karnik went missing, Sunny is nowhere to be seen, adding to speculations that he could be the person behind the kidnapping,” said the officer.

The police have also detained another youth who, they claim is associated with Sunny and have prepared a sketch of the abductor. “We have lodged a man-hunt for the person and will strongly pursue  the case,” added the officer, refusing to give any further details of the investigation.

RR bats for boy
Sources confirm that Home Minister R.R. Patil referred to the case in the house and appealed to the commissioner that the case must be cracked at the earliest. “It was the intervention of Patil that brought the dog-squad and Crime Branch into action. Otherwise, it would have gone like any other
abduction case,” added a senior IPS officer.

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I am very concerned about my nephew Karnik. I live in los angels and feel helpless to do nothing. i would like authorities to help people and children educate about the strangers and harm that can lead due to association with them. Here we have programs like "neighbor hood watch", "strangers are dangers" etc that is taught in school as well as community. In India we should give this kind of information by police.

Commented by: parita sharma | 4/9/2011

Please save him...

Commented by: neha joshi | 4/9/2011

please find this child. Being a mother of small child, its a real terror to hear such news. mumbai police has to take some fast action. Show child photo to all collages and school. Atleast some body can help.

Commented by: mumbai police | 4/13/2011

Pls update more recent Info abt it...

Commented by: rashi | 4/13/2011

While it is commendable that the police is trying to find the kidnapped boy before it is too late.... isn't it the absolute pits that such fast action is being taken because a 'politician' made a few calls... Are the children of ordinary citizens of no consequence unless a big shot decides to show some kindness.... God, what have we come to?

Commented by: Chhanda | 4/13/2011

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