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Friday, January 07, 2011

Shalvi Mangaokar speaks to Chandru Bhojwani, author of the book The Journey of Om

Tell us something about The Journey of Om.
It’s a story that circles around three characters. It’s a story where the reader goes on an emotional journey with the characters. It’s a book that deals with complex human relationships. Subjects such as infidelity, society’s pressure on unmarried women and class differences between couples are aspects
readers can easily relate and identify with and since it’s not too heavy on the readers, they can connect with it.

How did you think of writing this book?
I started with a short story. I never really wanted to write a novel. But as I continued writing, I kept adding things to it. I showed my work to avid readers and they liked it too. Eventually, my short story conceptualised into becoming a book and I’m glad that happened.

Does the book include personal experiences?
Yes, it does. There are some bits and pieces of my own life but the book is mostly fiction.

How has the response been so far?
The response so far has been surreal. I’m really happy with the opinions and reviews and it’s unbelievable because in a year’s time the book has gone in for a second publishing.

Are you planning on writing another book?
Yes, I’ve started work on my second book as well. I also write short stories for a Hong Kong based magazine called Beyond Sindh.

Did you always want to write?
I enjoyed writing since a very young age. But I never really wanted to write. Eventually with time, my love for writing grew and I certainly don’t regret it.

What genre do you want to focus on?
My articles focus on topics such as the male perspective on recovering from break-ups, fear of arranged marriage and matrimonial pressures. My stories and novel vary from romance to paranormal and wherever possible I try and inject humor. Although most of my writing till date veers more toward the 'realistic,' I'd like to keep experimenting with different genres and hope to keep growing as a writer.

At the end of the day I'd have to say that my focus is mainly to be inspired.

Since this is your first book and people have liked it so much, does the adulation (or criticism if any) ever get to you?
It's always daunting when someone picks up a copy of The Journey of Om and sets adrift on the words scripted in black and white while I anxiously wait for their feedback. As a writer you can't help but feel vulnerable when friends and strangers alike are flipping pages of what you consider your baby and
passing judgement. That said, whenever I receive glowing feedback it feels both surreal and humbling however, you can't always expect to please everyone.

To contact Chandru and for more information about him check www.chandrubhojwani.com

The book is available at: Landmark and Crossword, Kemps Corner

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