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Who and What is Ahura Mazda?

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Ahura Mazda is an enigma and a mystery, but this is how I would explain Ahura Mazda.

Ahura Mazda is light and energy; like the light He inspires us to always defy gravity and rise higher spiritually; and like energy He is the force that permeates the universes. Many people think that one should be God-fearing, but actually one should be God-loving; because Ahura Mazda is like a true friend ever forgiving, and always by our side. He is like the sun; like the planets we may move away from Him or go near Him, but he is there at the same spot we left Him.

Ahura Mazda has made certain rules that govern all spirit beings. All of His creations are spirit beings having a physical experience; be it humans, animals, plant-life, minerals or even our Mother Earth. Certain beings that we call human-beings have been endowed with free-will, but to balance free-will the law of Karma was put in place. Karma is like a father that punishes or rewards bad or good behavior respectively; whereas free-will is like a mother that gives full reign of life to her child, and does not thereafter interfere.

Ahura Mazda and Higher Power are different, but still the same i.e. Ahura Mazda can be a Higher Power but a Higher Power does not necessarily have to be Ahura Mazda. Ahura Mazda or Higher Power are not beings that control us but rather that guide us. We have free-will and are responsible for the consequences of our actions, words, thoughts and feelings. Ahura Mazda and Higher Beings are mentors that guide us on our life path; the catalysts that introduce us to our true spirit selves. As mentioned earlier, there are some laws that govern our actions and just by being oblivious of the laws we cannot escape the consequences. (What you sow, you reap. What goes around comes around)

God is not the idol or the pictures that we use to depict Him, because He is formless and yet has a form. Ahura Mazda is nobody and yet everybody. Ahura Mazda does not have a structure so he is no body (without a body), yet he is every body, because He is within each and every atom in the universe and in each and every cell of physical beings. There is only One Ahura Mazda, and it is because of His presence in every atom and cell that all is interconnected in the web of life.

People say, “ You will get it, if it is in your destiny.” But does destiny exist? If we have free-will to choose and decide as we please, there is no real place for destiny. We have to choose and make decisions. According to our life-learnings we attract what is right for us, or what is not right for us. We are the masters of our thoughts, words, deeds and feelings. After we have made the decision, then and only then does Ahura Mazda and Karma come into being. At that moment, it is not that we get or do not get a certain thing because of destiny; it is that we may or may not get it because we deserve / not deserve it. What goes around comes around. Whatever you sow.you reap. Ahura Mazda will always do that which is best for our spiritual growth and Karma will get us what we deserve (good or bad) according to our past thoughts, words, actions or emotions. Sometimes we need that little (or big) test or training in our lives, to polish us like a diamond coming out of a mine. We may not understand it then but in the long term, we will know that “Whatever happens is for the best and we have to make the best happen of it.”

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