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‘Want Colaba to regain past glory’

Thursday, February 02, 2012
By Gayatri Sahasrabuddhe

Colaba resident Makarand Narwekar (33) will be contesting as an Independent candidate from ‘My Dream Colaba’, a citizen’s forum, for the upcoming BMC Elections.

‘My Dream Colaba’, a forum of educated professionals and entrepreneurs, is a movement toward participative self-governance to bring about a positive change in Colaba.

Incidentally, Narwekar’s father, Suresh, has represented various wards in Colaba as Municipal Corporator in the past, and his brother Rahul is an office bearer of the Yuva Sena and has been associated with the Shiv Sena for a long time. Yet, Makarand, a practising lawyer, doesn’t subscribe to his brother’s political ideologies nor plans to take up politics as a career, hoping to bring about change as a citizen candidate instead.

The deterioration of the quality of candidates and the fact that many of them are uneducated and their nescience regarding BMC laws prompted Makarand to stand as a citizen candidate. He also strongly believes that an educated person from the area is more likely to understand and cater to the problems of that area. “This ward has the least number of slums and many educated people, but the voter turnout is the least. Citizens must participate, be mobilised and be involved in the process,” says Makarand. His core issues, if elected, will be to bring in transparency and make the BMC a more accessible organisation.

His core agendas also include looking after senior citizens in the ward, addressing infrastructure issues which include correcting water problems in the area, placing trash cans all over, clearing footpaths and ensuring people participation and corporate accessibility.

“If elected I would like Colaba to be a model locality for the city to replicate by the end of my tenure. I’d like Colaba to regain its glory,” says Makarand, who claims to be supported by NGO’s and prominent personalities like Julio F. Riberio (Retd. IPS) amongst others.

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