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The miracles of Asho Zarathushtra -our prophet

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Spitman Asho Zarathushtra Paigambar Saheb by means of his extravagant divine aura could initiate a number of awe inspiring miracles.
Dr. SHERNAZ BAJI AVARI narrates them on this auspicious day of Jamshedi Navroze. Read on...

When Zarathushtra was born, unlike other babies, he was smiling away which is a rarity beyond imagination because he was aware of his divine mission on earth guided by the divine celestial beings. The whole Universe was bathed with the light of Divine Glory to proclaim his birth and every atom of the Universe started dancing to proclaim “Ushtano Athro Spitman Zarathushtra” meaning 'Welcome Holy Prophet Zarathushtra who will now spread glory and happiness in the Universe.” Zarathushtra started smiling and laughing on his birth as he was free from all the Karmic debts of the Universe because now all the 7 planetary influences  will have no effect on him!

When Zarathushtra was just a child, he had a meeting with learned men. He asked the gathering of eminent men which was the finest form of flower, fruit, grain, milk and water. When the learned luminaries expressed their desire to be enlightened only by him, he stated that Rose is the best flower, pomegranate the best amongst fruits, ‘wheat' amongst grains, the milk of a she goat and water of a ‘running stream’, The learned men were astounded at his profound knowledge because all of these are related to Planet Jupiter!

With supreme power at his command, he brought an end to earthquakes, the lava of the volcanoes was turned to fertility and when his aura permeated to the core of the Earth, satanic forces were eliminated from the Earth. The beauty, bounty and plentitude of Mother Nature was evident in its glory.

History states that Zarathushtra escaped being thrown into the fire and when put under flocks of wolves, he came out unaffected.

Zarathushtra spread  some miracles in the lives of other great and holy men. Jamasp, the wise minister was blessed with the power of knowing the past, present and the future by smelling a flower. This is contained in a book 'Jamaspi'. After Zarathushtra passed away from Earth, it was Jamasp his foremost disciple who was made the religious head. A drink  of a ceremonial wine was offered to King Gustasp of Iran by which he would visualise the heaven destined to him after death. Pomegranate juice (pomegranate is a part of all religious ceremonies and rituals in the Zoroastrian religion was presented to Aspandiar, the son of King Gustasp of Iran by which his physical body turned as strong as Bronze (Roointon) except for the eyes. Dastur Peshotan attained immortality when milk was offered to him by Asho Spitman Zarathushtra and Rustom Pehlwan the warrior could repel any weapon hurled towards him in battlefield without being injured!

While he was in deep meditation and prayers underneath a secluded mountain, he instructed the mountain not to open up without his consent. But when Arch Angel Bahman Ameshaspand and Sarosh Yazad wished to escort him to the abode of Ahura Mazda, the mountain honoured Zarathushtra's word and made way for the celestial journey.

King Gustasp's favourite horse Aspe-Siha was inflicted by unusual illness (the legs of the horse were embedded in his stomach) which no Royal veterinarians could cure (at that time Zarathushtra was imprisoned by King Gustasp as some black magic substances were found in his room, maliciously and wrongly implanted by jealous men in the Court) Zarathushtra conveyed to his prison guard to inform the King that he would be able to cure the horse.

The King immediately summoned Zarathushtra who told him that if the horse was cured, he would have to have a deep and abiding faith in Ahura Mazda and fulfill certain requests. Firstly, the King should be absolutely faithful to Ahura Mazda and the Mazdayasni Religion. As soon as the King agreed to be faithful, Zarathushtra while touching the front right leg of the horse while chanting the Ahunavar prayers (Atha Ahu Vairyo) got cured. The second request was that Prince Aspandiar, the son of King Gustasp should support and protect the Mazdayasni Religion and its followers. The Prince immediately agreed and the hind right leg was cured. Then Zarathushtra asked King Gustasp's wife, the Queen whether she had faith in him as the Prophet and in the Mazdayasni Religion and as she nodded in the affirmative, the third leg of the horse was healed. The last request for the King was to summon the guard of Zoroaster's room on the day the materials for black magic were found. The guard came trembling and the wrong doers were instantly punished. When all the 4 requests were fulfilled, Aspe-Siha, the horse sprung up on all his 4 legs, as strong as before. The King realised his folly and recognised Zarathushtra as the true Prophet and messanger of Ahura Mazda and gave him a place next to his throne. The entire King's family and all the Iranians now accepted Zarathushtra as the Prophet. History believes that when the conspiracy of evil triumphed when Zrathushtra was imprisoned the whole world plunged into total darkness in all the 4 directions which are compared to the 4 legs of the horse. When all the 4 requests were fulfilled, the whole population of the world saw the brilliant light again. This miracle is known as Aspe-Siha. Aspe meaning the horse and Siha meaning ‘black’ and the 4 legs of the horse are compared to the 4 directions of the earth.

The above miracle has a spiritual dimension too. The spiritual significance of the tale is that the horse of King Gustasp signifies his soul where 4 main questions at the soul level remained unanswered as none of his courtiers were able to answer the same. For that he was dejected and pleaded to Mother Earth to help him out of his predicament. So Mother Nature helped him by sending Paigamber Zarathushtra in his Court who solved the queries.  Gustasp's soul was happy and enlightened and started moving forth to fight the evil.

When one of Zarathushtra's staunch followers was done to death by the forces of evil, Prophet Zarathushtra arrived near the deceased’s body and granted him 'Garothman Behest' meaning eternal heaven. Some people who had gathered around the corpse, ridiculed the Prophet as to who would know if the dead man would really go to heaven. At the request of the dead man's wife, the man was resurrected to life again! Vakshure Vakshuran Prophet Zarathushtra stated that the man would certainly attain 'Garothman Behest' after his departure from earth, Zarathushtra lifted him up and declared him as a 'Nar Asho’ meaning a good pious soul.

Once there was a blind man whose only desire was to meet Vakshure Vakshuran Saheb. The Prophet gifted him vision as he had to travel 700 miles to meet him. After being satisfied and his life's mission fulfilled, he urged Zarathushtra to withdraw the gift of vision since he felt that there was nothing worthwhile on earth left after meeting the glorious and divine Zarathushtra. With a heavy heart Zarathushtra withdrew his power of vision but remained his caretaker ever since then! Such gratitude demands and commands the highest respect.

When Zarathushtra and his followers wanted to cross a river in Iran, they found no means to reach the other end. By virtue of his divine power, he and his followers were able to walk over the waters! After this miraculous feat, Zarathushtra saw that a small child was left at the other end. He again reached there, lifted the child and while in the process of crossing over the second time, his feet sunk into the water upto the ankle, then upto the knees and waist and then at an alarming point in the neck but he succeeded in a miraculous cross-over.

Chandraghaas was a man of extraordinary brilliance in the Court of a King of Hindustan. He was blessed with the extraordinary gift of rhetorical wisdom. As Zarathushtra's name and fame spread far and wide, the King of Hindustan sent Chandraghaas in the Court of King Gustasp of Iran with a view to defame and defeat Zarathushtra in debate. When at the moment Chandraghaas's eyes met that of the Prophet, he sat aside the purpose of his visit and lay prostrate under his feet seeking pardon. Our kind and compassionate Vakshuran Saheb forgave him.

Zarathushtra with obstacles strewn on his path, fulfilled a divine mission on earth. We too can, inspite of obstacles in our life work hard to achieve our goals and attain success. Zarathushtra  showed us the beauty and profundity of the most glorious and exalted religion of Pak Dadar Ahura Mazda as revealed to him.

We, on our part should follow his teachings and stay on the path of truthfulness and righteousness and do as much good in this world whenever we can. We, his miniscule flock shall always remember him for ages to come and by each generation with reverence and love, faith and belief. With glory, grace and gratitude let's welcome Jamshedi Navroze.

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