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Rain gear: fashion statement or a must have?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Come monsoon and we will see pets sporting cool raincoats and fancy shoes. ADC asks pet owners/lovers whether rain gear for pets serves a practical purpose or is it simply to make a fashion statement. Here is what they have to say:

Shweta Chavan,

It’s practical to make pets wear raincoats. I have three dogs myself and if I allow them to get wet, apart from getting skin infections and rashes, wet dogs bring a very foul smell home which is intolerable. I don’t make my dogs wear raincoats but I ensure that I walk them beneath my umbrella. If they’re wearing a raincoat, one doesn’t need to dry their entire body, only their head and feet need to be dried.

Mikhail Pinto,
Advertising Professional

Pets should wear raincoats and it’s not a style statement. Its hygienic, water is dirty and when wet dogs come home, not only are they dirty, they also dirty the place. It’s easier to dry them and the dogs don’t catch a cold if they were wearing a raincoat. It’s a practical solution and great invention.

Karan Karakal,
Advertising Professional

Raincoat for pets is a great idea. Though it does make the pets look cool and stylish, in my opinion it’s more practical and useful. Though one should avoid taking pets out when it’s raining, but we cannot forecast the rains and keeping a raincoat handy when taking your dog on a walk or to answer nature’s calls is good sense. I would say, not only raincoats, but even shoes for pets is a must in Mumbai, what with the sometimes incessant showers, and not to forget-the potholes!

Ritu Sharma,

Ask any pet owner and they’ll answer in unison that rain gear for pets is the most practical thing. Like any good pet parent, I invest in good rain gear for my pet dog. Right from raincoat, shoe to a cap. And of course, it does make the pet stand out and they look so cute in it, but I guess it is more for the practical purpose that pets are made to wear rain gear.

Adnan Akbar,
Marketing Executive

Monsoon is the season when pets can catch infections easily. It is not advisable for them to get wet in the rain as they might not only catch cold, but other infections as well. I think making them wear raincoat is a must, especially in monsoon in Mumbai. That the pets look stylish wearing colorful raincoats is just an added advantage!

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