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Poems by Late Mr. Vishwas Joglekar

Monday, November 17, 2014

It is sad
It is sad — painful to think of thou,
Sad I become,
lost I behave, lifeless I feel,
But at last for a reason I feel
That thou with me.

It is sad — painful, thou away from me
Then I miss thee
and I miss every charm
Of Life.

It is sad — painful to think of you in my dream
But I enjoy for a single reason
Thou with me.

It is sad — painful, thou away from me
Sad I become, Lost I behave.
lifeless I feel.

Words, Words and Words
Words, Words and Words
and many say
there is nothing else than troubles;
But I say
there is nothing worth without
trouble, trouble and troubles.

Words, words and words
What else is there
without words without troubles
But I say
Nothing is sweet without
trouble, trouble and troubles.

No charm without words
No life without troubles
and I say
more, more and more.

Stroll and strolls
Which lead you nowhere
Where I say instead,
work work and work
as much as you can
And you will have in ample
with words and with troubles
which in itself is more pleasure.

Without Thee
Dreaming is a state of mind one enjoys
But for a moment
And then there is nothing but sadness.

Though pleasant and charming
And happy one feels
But for a moment.

I dislike dreaming
For a reason - Thou my life
And I dislike dreaming of Life.

But for a reason
I dislike feeling
That thee is away from me.

Thy presence
Is life in me
Thy memory
Is pain in me.

I love and enjoy every second when
Thou is with me,
Thee - My life
Thee - My day and night
Without thee
There is no life in me

Thou - My everything,
Without thee
Nothing's mine
Without thee
No- one is mine.

Thou - My life
Without thee
No life in me
Oh! I miss thee,
Miss everything.

It Glitters
It glitters from a far distance
But it is a task to understand,
Everyone understands
But everyone has difficulties to adjust
Though the soul is one
Will-power and wishes differ
It glitters - but cannot follow.

No doubt your creation is beautiful,
But what's the use when it has thorns attached

Everybody has his mind and soul
But what's the use where
Governing body is different.
Every moment,
Something is created and
But oh! Everyone is helpless.

You the dictator of all
And your way is wonderful
What you give is only sorrow,
Who misses gets a relief
Living one calls it as
Happiness (how sad!)

There is nothing like that
Oh! I don't grumble,
For one reason because
I believe in you as a
Supreme dictator.

I don't expect
That I will win someday
I don't want it that way
I will take it in my own way
And waiting for my day!

Your creation is all Supreme
No doubt
Though not bigger,
My creation is mine.

It's enchanting
To think of thee
For every second
You are away from me.

It's enchanting
To think of thee
For a simple reason
Thee is always with me.

It's enchanting
To be spiritually
with thee
For I watch thee and
No one else can see.

But for one reason
I dislike feeling
For I miss thee
All day and night.

But for another
I dislike feeling
For thee is my life
And without thee
No life in me.

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