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Packaged food vs. Home food

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Radhika Sen
Graphic Designer

We prefer giving Christie, my dog, home food as the same brand isn’t easily available in the market and it’s also more expensive. There’s a certain assurance with feeding pets home food, as the food is fresh and doesn’t contain preservatives, one is also aware of the ingredients as your pet could be allergic to. That is harmful, as then your pet gets habituated to pet food and it becomes difficult to wean them off it. Our vet also recommended us to feed Christie home food.

Neera Jain
Business woman

I prefer giving my pet home food as it’s more tasty, how boring it must be to be given the same food daily! Hence, I prefer home food over packaged food. As far as the nutritional value of packaged food is concerned, dog food is supposed to be more nutritious and supposed to contain all the required ingredients, while when I feed my dog.

Akhil Rajani
Media trainee

We opted to give my Cocker Spaniel, Taaz, home food as we assumed it would be healthier. We didn’t know how healthy packaged food would be and never even tried feeding it to her. The fact that packaged food is more expensive wasn’t a deciding factor and as far as the availability of the brand of packaged food is concerned, if one shops at the same store, they’ll get the same stuff.

Anish Pillai

There are several claims about packaged food containing the required nutrients, but one never really knows… as most of these could be marketing gimmicks. I prefer home food as I know for certain what my pet is eating, packaged food according to me, is unreliable and contains preservatives. The way I see it, there’s no other alternative to freshly cooked tasty home food!

Pallavi Sawant

I definitely prefer feeding him packaged food, as sometimes one tends to miss out certain ingredients while feeding their pets which packaged food could contain. In the process, the pets end up lacking those nutrients. Although it may seem boring, at least I know I’m feeding him what he requires and, it’s just a matter of some time till they get used to eating packaged food.

Raunak Narayan
Media professional

I work in a call centre and don’t return home until 2am. By the time I wake up its 11am, this hardly leaves me with any time to cook. Plus, I cannot give my pet home cooked food for one meal and the next meal, packaged food. Because, once they get used to fresh home food which is more varied and tasty, they’ll never eat packaged food. Hence, I’m better off feeding them packaged food.


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