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My rabbit is excreting blood. Help!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

My rabbit’s stools have been stained with blood since the past week. He eats regularly, is quite active and doesn’t seem to show any sign of suffering from stomach cramps. His motions also are regular. Why is he excreting blood?
    — Sameera Ahluwalia

Hi Sameera,
In absence of moist, sticky/watery or smelly stools it is unlikely to be an infection (generally coccidia/ bacterial/ viral or nematodal infections) that is causing blood stained stools. Possibly your rabbit is eating very high fiber diet. Please get your rabbit checked by a veterinarian to find the cause. The vet may ask to get stools checked and or Xrays (to rule out foreign bodies) to come to conclusion.

Despite bathing my Labrador weekly and ensuring she is combed and powdered, she’s yet infested with fleas. I check her daily and even brush her, but no remedy seems to work. More so, as a result of having so many fleas, she ends up scratching herself incessantly. Is there any ointment or anything I could do that would reduce the fleas?
    — Nikhil Baliga

Hi Nikhil,
Heavy flea infestation may cause skin allergies resulting into severe scratching, which may lead to secondary bacterial and or yeast infection of the skin of your pet. Flea control is not easy. It needs multi modal approach, which includes taking care of fleas on the body of your pet and taking care of possible breeding places in your house. You may use anti-flea soap/shampoo, which have a quick action but do not give protection for long. Alternatively you may use Sprays/Spot on applications or medicated collars, which would have a longer effect. Also consider vacuuming your house especially your pet’s beddings and other possible breeding ground for fleas such as carpets, sofa covers and mats.

My three-month-old Cocker Spaniel simply refuses to eat. We have tried giving him Pedigree, small pieces of chapati and mutton chops, but he takes a few bites only, he only eats bones. I’m quite worried. Please help…
    — Sanjay Mathur

Hi Sanjay!
First thing you must do to your pup is STOP feeding bones. Make sure that whatever food you offer to your pup must be balanced. Do not let your pup dominate you for food preferences. You must check if the pup is otherwise healthy and been dewormed and vaccinated time to time. If the pup is loosing weight, its not a good sign. You must get him checked to rule out if there is any medical problem such as fever or any other ailment.

My cat loves water! We are a family of six and each time any of us go for a shower, she follows them. So far, she has thankfully not caught a cold or a chill, but I’m worried she’ll soon fall ill…. What do I do and how do I get her to listen to me?
    — Aarti Jhangiani

Hi Aarti,
High water intake in cats is rare in otherwise normal conditions. Cats fed only on dry pellets could lead to increased water intake. Hope your cat is not loosing weight or lost interest in food. High water intake could also be sign of Diabetes or even renal insufficiency! Get your cat examined by a vet and ask for blood glucose and kidney function tests. It could also be just an innocent liking!

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