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Marzee Kerawala: Expert Financial Planner

Monday, March 18, 2013

Born in Navsari and raised in a very humble family background in Kalyan, this 35 year old Entrepreneur has taken Mumbai’s financial community by storm. He is the owner of Nivesh India, the company he founded to venture his Financial Planning practice. Marzee is a fierce financial planner having the perfect Leo characteristics. Fierce, because he ensures that no part of his client’s money is lost or wasted in the unforgiving financial markets. What makes him a very successful financial advisor to over 350 Indians and overseas clients in less than a span of 5 years? The answer lies partly in his disciplined training in the Dadar Parsi Athornan Boarding School (he became a Navar and a Martab at the young age of 13) and partly in his strong acumen of the financial sector.

But this impresario’s journey was not without its share of difficulties. He was employed as CFO and was Heading – Banking, Finance and Income Tax of the reputed Russian airline ‘Aeroflot’. Being CFO (Chief Financial Officer) of an International airline, Marzee enjoyed a very good position and a very decent income but the entrepreneurial bug was hard to resist. With great determination, Marzee took the bold decision to quit his high paying job and pursue his passion. He successfully qualified as a Certified Financial Planner (CFP), the highest degree in the arena of Financial Planning, which is recognised in more than 85 countries worldwide. His integrity and competence has won him not only his client’s money (he now manages more than 500 million rupees of his clients) but has also won their trust and loyalty in their hearts. He was given a very prestigious award in recently conducted NJ BPC at Grand Hyatt, Mumbai, for his extraordinary performance in Portfolio Management Service.

So what is the secret of Marzee’s success and what really makes him his client’s favourite? It is his approach both towards his clients and towards his work. He believes that there is always an honest and ethical way to make money. If you are unsure of what you are doing is ethical or not, then probably it isn’t. If you cannot add value to a client, don’t take that business.

What is his advice to young budding Parsi Zoroastrian Youth? Star saving very early in life. It will be very helpful for long-term wealth creation. He hopes to see Indian Investors getting educated sooner than later, as they will avoid lot of pitfalls early in their earning life. Indians should participate a lot more in India’s growth story not just in their professions but also as investors.

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