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Dr. Darius Homi Umrigar - A living Encyclopedia In Holistic Health & Spirituality

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Revealing Nature’s secrets with a profound and practical wisdom, this spiritually advanced 47 years old is a do-gooder who is always willing to extend a helping hand to all those in need of his services, whether it is in the field of holistic health science or in the religious arena of the glorious Mazdayasni religion of the Parsis and Iranis.

Employed with Tata Steel Ltd., Dr. Darius started off his academic career with a B.SC. DEGREE IN Zoology. However, he progressed to Naturopathy which is his calling, practicing the same since 1995 having secured a Diploma in Naturopathy from the International Institute of Natural Therapy from Mumbai in 2001 and the Delhi Board Exams in Naturopathy in 2002. He has also secured an M.D. (Doctor of Medicine – Alternative Medicine) as also a Doctorate in Nature Cure and Homeopathy. He has also completed a 6 year course in Scientific and Educational Research through the one and only Zoroastrian College in the world.

Dr. ‘D’ as we would like to fondly call him, has served fellow mankind since 1999 by treating all patients honorary through Blavatsky Lodge at Chowpatty. He has been delivering health lectures at HELP (Health Education for People) senior citizen groups and also at Shanti Lodgeon Science of Vibrations through Numerology and a series of lectures on Health Preservation conducted at Bombay Theosophical Federation. He also practices the technique of Spinal & Muscle Manipulation and ‘Iridology’ which is the science of diagnosing the sickness and present physical body conditions through a person’s eye. Till now, in a decade he has seen over lakhs of eyes. Being a doctor, he diagnoses by just seeing a patient’s aura and never ever goes through the patient’s medical reports but in turn, at times, he takes you back to the origin of disease from when it has started where the patients find it hard to believe.

Being a computer wizard and having mastery in the field of health, Dr. ‘D’ has contributed over 600 blogs and around 350 discussions on healers ocean.nig.com now known as Soul Templesoning.com. Follow his website “Advocates for Integrated and Holistic health Choices” based in California. He has contributed over 300 blogs and around 100 blogs has been featured at the global level.

While Naturopathy and Religion are two sides of the same coin, let’s take a sneak peak into his religios activities, Agiaries and Atash Behrams being his second home. He has assisted Dr. Prof. Meher Pavri to launch his Thesis, “Ecological Conceptions in Zoroastrian Avestan Texts, Vandidad and Yasna.” This thesis is currently sold in the International Market. A Life Member of the Rahnumae Mazdayasni Sabha, he has spread his deep profound knowledge of the Zoroastrian Religion by giving lectures at various Fire Temples. as also on the birthdays of the Fire Temples known as ‘Salgiris.’

Accolades simply pour in for our Dr. ‘D’, Awards, Achievements, Medals and Appreciation Certificates are a part and parcel of his dedicated and devoted life to the cause of serving humanity. Recently, he has also obtained the D.Sc. (Doctorate of Science) from the one and only Zoroastrian College in the world affliated to Open International University for Complementary Medicine, World University, United Nations Peace University towards rendering invaluable services to the Cause of Education, Inter-Faith Peace, Promotion of Good Health for Mankind, Ecological Protection of the Earth and for services rendered for the Universal Benefit of Humanity in preparation for the Epoch of Shah Behram Varzavand Saheb. Dr. ‘D’, with his innate knowledge and wisdom has charted out his own roadmap straddling the two worlds of Naturopathy Religion & Spiritiuality with consummate ease. Suffused with serenity at the same time brimming with bonhomie, he has also taken out time for his hobbies which include watching Scientific movies, playing Chess, Practicing Numerology by preparing horoscopes from Numbers while making health Horoscopes, Aura reading, Chakra Healing, Crystal Healing and Graphology.

May his soul rise to greater glories in the years to come! ‘Yatha Jamyat Yatha Afrinami’ (So may it be!)

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