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Her Highness, Christie!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

When one thinks of a pet they picture a furry, cuddly, lovable creature who’s constantly vying for their attention as opposed to being subjected to a pet who’s snobbish and shoos you away each time you try holding it or caressing it! Christie Sen is an unfriendly cat, who doesn’t like being stroked and will claw you if you unrelentingly continue your advances. This snooty cat entered my life 12 years back. There was construction work going on at the terrace in our apartment and my aunt had gone upstairs to water the plants when she spotted Christie emerging from a rubble of broken furniture. She had hurt her eyelid and tail, my aunt then bought her home and we tended to her wounds. After that, we kept her in a basket outside outside our flat, despite that she always found ways to sneak inside.

This carried on for a while until Xmas Eve when everyone had gone out only to return and find her outside drenched and shivering. After enquiring, we learnt that some children from the neighbourhood teased her and tried to make her swim in a bucket.

My two and me cousins saw this as a chance to convince our parents to let us adopt Christie. It took her hardly any time to make herself feel at home and after having sneaked in numerous times earlier, she was used to it and was familiar with our family.

Despite her withdrawing when visitors come home, undemonstrative ways, her princess-like attitude, she’s a very playful cat for her age and used to plonk herself on my late grandfather’s stomach and play with his hair. Her current favourite member of the family is my cousin’s uncle who’s hardly witnessed her grumpy side.

She loves it when we chase her around the house and her favourite hide-out is the cupboard. When it comes to her food, she’s a foodie and devours everything right from pizza’s to noodles, biryani and is very experimental.

Instead of us feeling like she’s our pet, it seems as if she owns the house, has even marked her territory at home and will glare at you if you happen to warm them by chance. We earlier had a three seater swing in our living room which was placed opposite the television. She often lied there in such a manner that hardly left any room for anyone else to sit there. Once my aunt tried to sit there and her highness glared at her, leaving my aunt with no other option but to vacate the spot!

She may have numerous hang-ups and her affection towards us is one-sided but I’m sure her she is attached to us. When ever anyone goes for a vacation, she goes to their room, walks around it, sits on their bed and purrs as if to ask “Where have they gone?” she’s not at peace until everyone returns home. She may be demanding and is definitely not the most lovable cat in town, but she’s the child of the family, the tenth family member who completes us.

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