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Ervad Yezdi Panthaki shows us the right way to pray in gratitude and thanksgiving

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

At Pak Iranshah at Udwada, proclaimed as the 'King of Kings' or at any other Holy Fire, whilst paying obeisance, what should your good mind (Vohuman) roll out to seek blessings from the Almighty?  “Ya Pak Iranshah Saheb, oh the King of Kings, bowing in gratitutde, I pray to Almighty Dadar Ahura Mazda to keep your sacred flame burning brilliantly forever to increase the clan of Atash Parast Kidmatgar (Mobeds) to be in your service for perpetually keeping your flame unpolluted in its glorified form. Oh, Bountiful, the one who grants our wishes, the saviour of the Universe, the betower of highest heaven i.e. 'Garothma Behest' to the pious souls, the mot righteous 'Spitman Asho Zarathushta Saheb, Ameshaspentas (archangels), Yazatars *angles), holy souls and all the good spirits of Spenta Mainyu (good creations), grant us all the reputaton, health, righteousness, happiness, unity, contentment and prosperity in abundance to do good to mankind.”

“May the evil designs of Ahreman (the evil) be destroyed. May the wicked not enter our abodes of purity and desecrate them by institgating the wicked forces on earth.” “May the highest concept Humata, Hukhta, Huvarshtha (Good thoughts, Good wrods and Good deeds) prevail upon all human beings. Oh, Ahura, do purify my soul. Oh, Bahman Ameshaspand, grant Vohu Man  and wisdom to all human beings so that infighting amongst all human beings vanish.”

“Dadar Dastagir, Dastagire Ravan” (Oh Almighty, hold my hand and guide my soul) Keep on praying these lines as many tmes as you can to get guidance and protection in all your deals throughout life, to do good for mankind and for the upliftment of your soul. When as a Trustee of Saronda Agiary Salgareh, I had expressed these thoughts, the whole Anjuman vibrated with the chanting of 'Amen, Amen' (so may it be) and the whole atmosphere reverberated wi h piety and devotion.

So my dear 'humdins' whatever your good wishes benefiical for human beings will be fulfilled by Ahura Mazda, if your prayers are powerful and you have fiath in HIM and in his good spirits. I am a great believer of the power of prayers and have experienced a number of miracles by the same.

Many a times, a person wishes ill for his near and dear ones to fulfill his material demand, but I am a great believer that even if somebody has harassed you or deprived you of your rightful possession, just pray to the Lord to grant them 'Vohuman', the good mind and show the right path so that they do not harm their own selves in the long run without knowing the ultimate fate.

Having be in a position of the district chairman, Communal Harmony and Peace with Lions International, I feel sorry to see our dignitaries and celebrities bent upon throwing their weight around on smaller people and stoop to infighting in community, thus lowering the dignity of our learned community. Many a times, I am taunted with comments by other communtiy members saying “Your community being so learned, dignified and advanced, how come there is so much fighting, discord and degradation!” Do you think I can give an honest answer to them? If I do so, then it can deem our so called 'Akabars' are shown in bad light. So let us pray that as a community we stay dignified, united and peace loving amongst all. Power and position are two social evils and so should be utilised only in the right direction for the upliftment of the helpless, poor and downtrodden, so as to bring glory and respect to the one who holds power and authority. Aatha Jamyad Yatha Afrinami.

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