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Do more good deeds, the power of khshtra variya for selfless service to humanity

Thursday, December 26, 2013
By Dr. Darius Homi Umrigar

If you wish to know that what God thinks of money, look at the people he gives it to. MONEY CAN'T BUY YOU HAPPINESS BUT WITH IT YOU CAN BE MISERABLE IN COMFORT. "Happiness comes to him who makes others happy" is the maxim of Zoroastrian faith as stated in Yasna 43.1. The commandment of the religion of Zarathushtra is to be as benevolent as you can, practice benevolence at all times, at all places and to all people.

According to Zarathushtra if a cruel person does not improve or does not want to improve, then oppose him with all your weapons at your disposal and defeat him by all means (Yasna 33.2 , 43.5 and 43.8). Zarathushtra says resist evil with all powers at your command. According to Zarathushtra, God is the ocean of mercy but there is punishment for those who break His laws.

The gist of the above text is to oppose evil or injustice is considered as a good deed. Zarathushtra fought evil throughout his life. We Zoroastrians must continue to do so. We must do the acts of noble intentions and strive with earnestness to follow the tenets of our religion which is the greatest, best and the most excellent religion of Ahuramazda revealed by Prophet Zarathushtra, as stated in prayers "Jasa-me-avanghe-mazda"

Ultimately after going through or by learning all the above, we come to conclusion that I and my father are one, because my father is Ahura Mazda.

Ruth Montgomery's messages from Afterlife Guides kept stressing the importance of service as the path to fulfill one's destiny. They were extremely clear that the most important actions we can possibly take to advance as souls is to help others when they cross our paths. She writes in A Search for Truth, :- WHICH MUST BE DONE NOT ONLY IN A SPIRITY OF CHARITY, BUT AS A BURNING NEED TO FULFILL ONE'S OWN MISSION, we must, they said, be more interested in helping others than ourselves. In doing so, we would automatically be advancing our own cause. That was the message that was brought to your world eons ago by Christ and other religious leaders. They wrote, the message has not changed one iota. It remains, as it was then, when Christ said "LOVE ONE ANOTHER". This is not one way to advance spiritually, but the only way. The mystery of your life wants to reveal itself. The Mystery is unfolding as you read these words.


We begin in the name of Asho Zarathushtra and all the Prophets, Avatars, Saints, Seers and all Women and Men of God.

What do we do in this hour of darkness and destruction??

First thing, please alter your thinking, your mental make up, your psyche, your inner most feeling. After all, who are you? With all the toils and troubles of our day-to-day life, we have to go, one day; where and when, we don't know. Our Din proclaims most eloquently and effectively that we have a Ruvaan (Soul) within us, within our self, within our body, and on death, it has a journey towards Ahura. We are here on the earth for a purpose; that is to alchemise certain threads of evil interwoven in our body. We have to convert the dirt in us to gold. We have to be the farmer of our body. The commandments of our Din are the equipments gifted to us by Asho Zarathushtra and His divine emissaries, to plough the body and evolve ourselves spiritually.

During our short stay on this earth, certain laws operate on us. We are commanded to lead our life in consonance with those laws. Our destiny, our Karma leads us, pushes us, through different times, places, situations and circumstances. Today we find ourselves in such situations where all our so called luxuries and material conveniences are turned into potential dangers. A film actress was, that day, telling her fans not to write any letter to her, because she was not going to open it!! Anthrax !! Don't accept a glass of water from a passer by; be careful of a suspicious looking person, when you travel, be prepared for an assault..,. What advices?? Let every human doubt every other human !!

Take it that all this is our destiny. But in the midst of all this chaos and confusion let your mind be always conscious of Asho Zarathushtra.

This is not an easy exercise. You have to train your mind. In presence of a sudden calamity, we forget everything. We loose our mental balance. Train your thinking to be calm and composed; the disciplines ordained by the Din are the only exercises to train your psyche.

What are those disciplines?? Firstly, the thought that everything that happens is in accordance with the Will of Ahura. That is the message of the first three words:- Y ATHA AHU VARIO of the Ahunavar prayer.

"Help me Oh Ahuramazda, to keep this Truth in my thought all the time, so that 1 may be able to face any misery, any calamity, any suffering with courage. When you Ahuramazda are with me why should I worry, come what may?"

Let this be your constant prayer. It should go into your breath and blood. Your inward personality should at every moment murmur this tune.

Would you be surprised if this humble servant of yours tells you that every command and every tenet of our Din is intended to generate his prayer within you? The Parsi way of life which we followed for a thousand years (and almost forgot since about last 100 years) is by itself this Divine Prayer. Time has come with a bang when you should imbibe it within you.

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