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Wine talk

Friday, July 20, 2018

Kerry Damskey, reputed to be one of California's best winemakers, offers some suggestions on pairing wine correctly with your meals

We all enjoy a glass or two of wine, but we are often unaware of the benefits of wine and what goes best with which variety. Let’s hear it from the expert Kerry Damskey, Director of Wine Making, Sula Vineyards. With more than 34 years of winemaking experience, Kerry  Damskey is recognised across four continents for his acuity and focus in creating brilliant wines. Over a five-course wine paired tasting menu at The Wine Rack, curated by Chef Himanil Khosla, he shared some tips and his recommendations for pairing wine right.

Interesting wine pairing

  • Red wines pair the best with dark chocolate.
  • Sweet/ bittersweet chocolates go with dessert/ slightly sweet white wines.
  • To pair food with wine, always match the flavour intensity of food with the intensity of the wine. One should never overpower the other. Food and wine pairing is very subjective, and you need to taste and explore your likes and dislikes.
  • Dry white wines pair well with zingy salads, creamy curries and pasta dishes.
  • Sparkling wines are paired with fried food and kebabs. Pakodas are the long-lost cousin of Tempuras, when it comes to monsoon food. The crisp acidity of sparkling wines works perfectly against the fatty goodness of the pakodas or the tempuras. Try the Sula Brut Tropicale, Brut Rosé or the Brut.
  • Red wines are a bold partner to barbequed/grilled food such as a Rasa Shiraz or the Dindori Reserve Shiraz with biryanis and kebabs to beat the chills.
  • Dessert wines pair with salty cheeses and desserts.
  • Soft cheeses pair well with sparkling and white wines and hard cheeses are perfect with red wines – match their flavour intensities to get the best results!
  • Does wine have health benefits?

Though red wine is not the most compatible with the hot and humid weather in most parts of India, itsbenefits generally have been well researched.

  • Moderate consumption may increase longevity of life.
  • Antioxidants in red wine can shield and protect against certain cancers.
  • It is believed to improve mental and heart health.
  • Red wine is high in resveratrol found in grape skin which can boost heart health.

It is said to prevent vision loss.

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