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Friday, January 11, 2013

Time to get tech savvy
Social networking websites are common among young people, but why should older people be left behind? A social networking website named Verdurez, has been created exclusively for senior Indians above the age of 55.

The website is for the senior citizens to freely interact with other people their own age and discuss their lives and common interests. The main motive of Verdurez is to get like minded people to talk to one another and help with age related loneliness and depression.

Registration on this website is free and it is open to people across the world. The founder of the website, Ishita Sukhadwala, says, “During the later stage in one's life, retirement or approaching retirement, empty nest syndrome and/or a change in marital status can all result in an acute sense of isolation and loneliness. The idea of Verdurez is based on our belief that the elderly need companionship as much as the younger generation. We want to give a voice to senior Indians, offer them an online home away from home where they can just be, where they can form new friendships and relationships and interactions they can look forward to on a daily basis.”

So, it’s time senior citizens get tech savvy and enjoy the joys of the internet.

Where www.verdurez.com

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