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Friday, June 29, 2012

Put your fist up, it’s time to show off your watch! With the number of watches available in market, Dev Goswami & Gargi Bansod pick out some of the most elegant as well as funky ones to fit everyone’s budget and style

No more is a watch worn just to keep track of time. Watches are a major style statement now. A watch can make a simple outfit look elegant or fun and give it an edge over others. It’s one accessory that will make you stand out. So, from diamond studded ones to platinum coated and simple designs to funky straps and colours, check out the great range of watches we’ve picked for you.

sports watches
For the fitness addicts, this watch will double up as your heart monitor.
Where Puma stores across the city
Price `5,495

A classic sports watch, this can also be worn when partying.
Where Watch boutiques across the city
Price `7,495

The dash of neon green thrown in really makes this watch stand out.
Where Citizen Watches, Linking Road, Bandra (W)
Price `19,500

watches for men
While the strap may not be fancy, the black and white dial wins us over.
Where Shopper’s Stop outlets across the city
Price `9,995

Silver seems to have overtaken gold watches but we still love this one by Swatch.
Where Swatch stores in High Street Phoenix, Atria Mall and Inorbit Mall
Price `11,750

A sporty dial but a formal leather band, this watch gives you the best of both worlds.
Where Watches & More in Oberoi Mall, Infiniti Mall and High Street Phoenix
Price `24,995

Tired of all the metal and all the bling? Go all black with this piece by Romanson.
Where Just in Vogue, High Street Phoenix, Lower Parel
Price `52,000

What we really love about this watch is the way they have used simple colours and made such a unique design.
Where Watches & More in Oberoi Mall, Infiniti Mall and High Street Phoenix
Price `34,995

Is it a watch? Is it a compass? Well, actually it is both!
Where World of Titan, Linking Road, Bandra
Price `10,500 onwards

Older men may turn away from this watch but we are sure this is every young man’s dream.
Where Tommy Hilfiger stores in the city
Price `7,000 onwards

We recommend this watch by Espirit if you want to stand out among the crowd.
Where Shopper’s Stop outlets across the city
Price `9,995

watches for women
If you want a watch for the elite and one you can treasure for life, pick a Versace.
Where Versace Boutique, Trident Hotel, Nariman Point
Price `3.45 lakh

The perfect casual watch for any outfit and every girl.
Where Tommy Hilfiger stores across the city
Price `7,000 onwards

Like a sturdy watch? This watch from Diesel is your pick.
Where Lifestyle stores across the city
Price `12,495

White and how! This all white watch from Diesel will make for a great style statement.
Where Lifestyle stores across the city
Price `12,495

A simple, delicate and elegant, diamond studded watch from Citizen.
Where Citizen Watches, Linking Road, Bandra
Price `78,000

The perfect steel body watch for all women from Espirit.
Where Shopper’s Stop outlets across the city
Price `6,995

This diamond outlined watch from Espirit will look great on an Indian outfit.
Where Shopper’s Stop outlets across the city
Price `4,995

This hot pink watch will look great with your workout outfits.
Where Puma stores across the city
Price `2,995

Love thin straps and big dials? Pick this one from Swatch.
Where Swatch stores in High Street Phoenix, Atria Mall and Inorbit Mall
Price `17,900

Pick this square shaped dial watch from Espirit to stand out amongst the regular round ones.
Where Shopper’s Stop outlets across the city
Price `5,995

maintaining your watch
A watch is often one of the most expensive accessories that you can buy and that’s why it hurts even more when it stops working or when you have to shell out extra money to repair it. However, if you follow the few simple tips that we’ve given below, it will help prolong the life of your watch and keep it in pristine condition:

  •  Understanding the water resistance capabilities of your watch is very important. If your watch has no water resistance rating you should shield it from any source of moisture such as rain or perspiration.
  •  Watches with resistance rating of 50-100 meters can withstand normal rain and can be used when swimming in a pool. They will also do fine during normal to heavy showers.
  •  For extreme water exposure such as scuba diving you will need watches with resistance rating of 200-500 meters.
  •  Do not expose your watch to heat by keeping it in places such as the dashboard of your car where the sunlight directly hits the watch. Watches which have a quartz stone can get damaged if exposed to heat.
  •  Avoid exposing your watch to extremely cold temperatures as it might function slowly.
  •  Wipe your watch using a soft cloth at least once a month to remove dirt, stains and water spots.
  •  When wearing a leather watch, always keep a gap between your watch and your skin — around the width of your little finger should do. This will help moisture evaporate. Also, wipe the watch belt once a month with a soft cloth damped with alcohol to remove body oils and dirt.
  •  In case of a metal strap, use a soft bristled tooth brush to clean the oil and perspiration once a month. If not cleaned, it could lead to rust.
  •  For rubber straps, apply a mild soap using a soft bristled brush and then pat dry using a cloth.
  •  The best way to preserve the crystals on your watches is to avoid wearing it in situations where it is likely your watch will be damaged. In case of major damage, take your watch to a jeweller or your watch company. In case of minor ones you can apply a very small quanity of toothpaste onto the crystal and then buff it with a soft cloth to lend shine to the crystal.
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