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To Dad, With Love

Friday, June 19, 2015

We recently celebrated Mother’s Day to express our love and affection for our mothers. And now, it’s time to show our dads how much we care, with Father’s Day just around the corner. Yamini Walia & Sara Shah bring you some great gifting options

Father’s Day gifts can get a bit dull. The same old belts, wallets and colognes fill up shelves in the same old, standard brown ribbon packaging… it’s all quite run-off-the-mill. This year, several brands have introduced new, fun but useful gifting option to honour fathers with on Father’s Day. We bring you some interesting picks.

Cuff it!
If you want to gift your dad something classy, these cufflinks from Corneliani are the perfect choice.
Price Rs 15,000

Perfect timing
Add to your dad’s collection of watches by picking up this watch by Seven Friday.
Price Rs 94,850

Super mug
If your dad is a beer lover, get him this mug from 10am.
Price Rs 775

Filmy dad
This filmy hamper from Bliss serves as the perfect gift if your dad is a big Bollywood buff.
Price Rs 1,450

Hold it well
We love the classy finish of this card holder from Viari.
Price Rs 900

Click click!
If your father likes taking pictures, this camera from Fujifilm is the ideal gift for him.
Price Rs 10,999

Golden fetish
This pen and watch set from IGP.com, is perfect for a dad who enjoys reminiscing about the golden era.
Price Rs 1,515

For the love of fragrances
This perfumed water by Vita-Age Man is the perfect addition to your dad’s cologne collection.
Price Rs 1,650

Smoke a cigar
These edible cigars from Nordic Kandie taste just as good as they look! They’re available in 17 different flavours, including cinnamon, nutmeg and mango chilli!
Price Rs 205 per cigar

Pull up your sleeves
If cufflinks and wallets are too clichéd for your dad, gift him this sophisticated leather laptop sleeve from Viari
Price Rs 5,000

Coaster magic
Your dad will love these funky coasters, which feature funny quotes by Craftsvilla.com.
Price Rs 449

Padded safety
This iPad cover from Corneliani is perfect for a father who loves his gadgets as much as he loves his children.
Price Rs 30,000

Brief it up
Gift your dad this leather suitcase from Corneliani this Father’s Day. After all, an important man needs a good briefcase.
Price On request

Raise the bar
This bar set from The Charcoal Project is perfect for a dad who likes to indulge.
Price Rs 1,38,000

Make your move
This chess set from Frazer and Haws is the picture of elegance and is something that your father will definitely cherish.
Price Rs 97,000

What Fathers Want this Father’s day
Want to forget about materialistic things and give your dad something to smile about? Here are a few things that fathers across the city really want from their children this year

A smile is all I need!
D.K Gupta, a chartered accountant, considers his children his agony and pride in equal part. “They never let me settle for less, and it’s because of them that I have achieved all that I have. My life is an ode to my children — they teach me so much every day. While I guided them as they were growing up, the teacher has now become the student — and I love every bit of it. A wide smile on the faces of my children is something I have always wished for and my wish remains the same, even this year,” he tells us.

Independence is worth everything
For Gajanan Chavan, an engineer, his daughter’s independence is worth more than anything else. “My daughter is my biggest strength, because her faith in me inspires me to keep working till I succeed. So, the ideal gift from her would be if she became successful, if she chooses a career that she was passionate about and worked hard to excel in it. I want her to be financially independent so that she can fulfill all her desires. Also, I want her to remain loyal to her family and continue to love them,” he says.

The constant connect
Nothing gives a parent more happiness than knowing what they mean to their child. Prakash Indulkar, an assistant station master at MBPT, tells us, “My family has supported me through thick and thin, so I already have an ideal present. Every father fears that once his children grow up they will become engrossed in their own lives and forget their parents. My ideal present would be if they stayed in touch with me even if they were physically far away, that they carved out time for their parents in spite of their busy schedule.”

A little more attention
Nothing matters more to Zoher Sham, 47, than his daughter’s time and attention. “I expect my daughter to give me a Rolex (laughs!). I am only kidding. It might sound cheesy, but I really like spending time with her. And, since she has grown up, I barely see her anymore. I would love to go out for coffee or lunch with her, some where she doesn’t get distracted by her phone buzzing every next minute,” he laughs!

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