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The name’s Bond…

Friday, October 12, 2012

Everyone’s favourite British spy is sneaking back into theatres next month with the upcoming release of the latest Bond film, Skyfall. We’re sure you’ve got 007 fever and so, Rhea Dhanbhoora & Dev Goswami give you the complete guide to the suave spy and show you how to copy his style (well, try to at least)

From the often forgotten Barry Nelson, who started off the film franchise, to crowd favourites Sean Connery, Roger Moore and Timothy Dalton as well as modern heartthrobs Pierce Brosnan and our current Bond, Daniel Craig, a lot of leading Hollywood men have lent their acting prowess and effortless style to fill the shoes of the fictional character, created in 1953 by writer Ian Fleming. He orignally wrote 12 novels and two short story collections. However, a lot of other writers have taken up the challenge and tried to keep the James Bond legend alive and kicking — quite successfully. With television, radio, comic strips, video games and films in his kitty, the famous MI6 agent has inspired and entranced millions over the years, gathering a fan base that we’re sure includes you! Take a look at how you can steal his style, our favourite movie picks, what products you can pick up and how to enjoy his trademark drink — a martini. Shaken... not stirred!

The 007 look
Gadgets, catch phrases and a good dose of action aside, James Bond is synonymous with timeless style and an effortless, debonair attitude. While you’ll need a pair of high-end sunglasses, a good watch and some expensive shoes, the one item of clothing that epitomises Bond’s style are his suits. We’re helping you dress the part with a few tips and options to pick from when you want to dress like James Bond.

Put your outfit together
Accessories aside, here’s how to dress like a secret agent. The secret is to stay subtle and classy and look dashing without attracting too much attention to yourself. Take a look at how to suit up, Bond style.

Well-suited: You don’t have to fly down to Savile Row to get a suit like James Bond, although that would be perfect! Of course, we don’t need to tell you that in order to look Bond-ready, you should stay away from prints and opt for solid colours such as black, grey and shades of black-blue. Alternating between a simple 2-button and 1-button jacket is what you should be looking for. Opt for a double vented jacket with straight pockets and simple lining. A bespoke suit works best, if you can afford one that is!

Shirt story: Opt for shirts that are crisp and white. You can wear a high collar shirt with either single or double cuts but don’t opt for a button-down collar — it’s just not Bond-like.

Trouser talk: James Bond likes simplicity, so avoid trousers that are too showy or have fancy cuts. So, no skinny trousers, no pleats, no boot-cuts. A simple, straight line classic cut with a single break at the front is a good option.

Tie it right: A simple black or midnight blue tie is Bond’s weapon of choice when it comes to dressing up. Although he doesn’t wear one all the time, when he does, it’s nothing too slim or too wide. To copy his style make sure you know how to tie a four-in-hand or Winsor tie knot. See that it rests just above your waist line (your trousers), so it doesn’t look too short or too long.

Foot first: While the shoes James Bond wears will cost you a pretty penny, you can get the same style without spending too much money. All you have to do is look for a classic lace-up pair that has thin leather soles, in a plain, simple black hue. Match them with long, black socks (white are a complete no-no) and keep your shoes clean and unscuffed.

Stealing his style
While some of these products scream Bond, others are similar enough to help you pay homage to him without breaking the bank.

Suit up
You might not be able to afford the actual Savile Row or Brioni suits that 007 wears, but this one from Tommy Hilfiger will do a good job of making you look smart and sauve.
Where Tommy Hilfiger outlets in the city
Price `11,999

If you want to look like James Bond, you need to pay attention to detail. These cufflinks will take care of the finer points.
Where Montblanc, Apollo Bundar
Price `24,400

This is the actual Omega watch that Daniel Craig will be wearing in Skyfall.
Where Popley & Sons, Bandra and Grand Hyatt Price On request

Cheap but stylish
A spy always needs a good pair of sunglasses and these pair of glasses will look great without breaking the bank.
Where www.lenskart.com
Price `499

For your feet
Just as we said... a classic lace up pair with a thin leather sole. That’s all you need.
Where www.rock.in
Price `6,099

Gizmos and gadgets
You won’t get access to his secret weapons, but here are some products that will let you take a little Bond flavour home with you:

Gun mug
Don’t you love the scene where the 007 shoots his gun and there’s smoke coming out of it? Well, this is as close to that as you can get... legally.
Where www.hitplay.in
Price `699

Taste explosion
Granted that Bond uses grenades that are much more sophisticated, this pair of salt and pepper shakers can make quite an impression on your dinner table.
Where www.hitplay.in
Price `599

Martini time
Make your own

F Lounge Diner Bar shares a great recipe for a Sunset Martini, to drink James Bond’s favourite drink, with an innovative twist.

  •  45ml vodka
  •  A dash of wasabi
  •  60ml pineapple juice
  •  10ml lime juice
  •  5ml grenadine


  •  Mix the above ingredients in a shaker.
  •  Strain into a martini glass
  •  Serve chilled.

Buy a drink
TGI Friday’s has an entire range of martinis for those who want to sip on the drink with a little twist, or just a classic martini. You can choose from the Cosmopolitan (`410), a drink that’s got Cointreau, chilled Smirnoff, cranberry juice and a squeeze of lime or the Grand Martini (`410), with Grand Marnier, amaretto, Smirnoff and cranberry juice. Ladies can opt for a Pink Punk Cosmo (`410), a blend of Absolut, cranberry juice, pineapple juice and fresh squeezed lime. Where TGI Friday’s outlets across the city

James Bond over the years
There have been 22 James Bond movies till date. The Bond movies have been spread over so many years that there are many different generations who have enjoyed the movies. So, making a list of the best James Bond movies is never easy and will always give rise to debate. Still, we give you our pick of the three James Bond movies that you just have to see:

Goldfinger: Search for the best Bond movies of all times and it will hard to come across a list that does not proclaim this movie to be the best of all. This movie is regarded as the film which truly defined James Bond and had all the elements which are associated with 007. From cars and women to one of the most iconic Bond villains — Goldfinger (and his sidekick Oddjob), watch this movie to understand the reason behind the Bond craze.

Casino royale: In a day and age where cinema is filled with movies on undercover agents, death-defying stunts and sci-fi gadgets, Casino Royale made James Bond matter all over again. Daniel Craig’s portrayal of the suave secret agent won the hearts of the older James Bond fans and won some new ones as well. If you thought that the James Bond franchise doesn’t matter anymore, watch this movie.

Goldeneye: The Bond movies that came out before GoldenEye usually revolved around the Cold War. But what would 007 do once the Cold War was over? Well, this movie gave us the answer. This was Pierce Brosnan’s first portrayal of Bond and an interesting tidbit is that though this movie was not based on any of Ian Fleming’s Bond novels, Brosnan is considered by many to be the actor who came closest to the author’s idea of the secret agent.

Re-live James Bond
Feel that you have lost touch with the Bond franchisee? We tell you how you catch all the Bond movies again:

Catch it on TV: Starting from November 2, Movies Now will be showcasing all the previous Bond movies back-to-back. And that’s not all, if you have an HD television and cable connection you can catch all these movies in high definition. Every night, you can sink into your couch and can watch Bond movies from the comfort of your home.
When November 2 onwards, every night at 9pm

Collector’s Box set: If you can watch all the movies for free on TV then why pay for a DVD box set? It is for the collector’s value of this box set. For the first time, all the movies have been released on Blu-ray discs giving you a picture quality that has never been seen before. Released to celebrate the 50 years of James Bond, the box has all the movies and a bonus disc which features extras. The best part of this box set is that it has a coffee-table book-like disc case that has one empty space reserved for the Skyfall disc.
Where Crossword bookstores across the city
Price `25,000

Best Bond gadgets No James Bond movie can be complete without Q showing 007 the gadgets that will be given to him. Bond has been known for his gadgets and we tell you about a few of the best:

Exploding pen (goldeneye) The pen is mightier than the sword and in Bond’s case it holds true literally. Just three clicks of this pen and four second later it would explode!

X-ray glasses (The World Is Not Enough) When you think of a spy, glasses that can see through stuff can obviously come in handy. But, in typical Bond fashion he often used the glasses to see through… well, women’s clothes.

Rocket firing cigarettes (You Only Live Twice) Cigarettes can kill you and if you are around 007, it will happen instantly. The gadget when lit, launched a rocket, killing the enemy instantly.

Mobile controlled car (Tomorrow Never Dies) A life sized remote controlled car is ever guy’s fantasy but only 007 gets to live it. This is one gadget that we wished we had!

The Rolex watch (Live and Let Die) This watch has a mini-saw and an electromagnet which attracted things such as keys towards it.

Did you know?
You might think that the MI6 is filled with agents who have the license to kill. But the license to kill, which is only with agents whose codenames begin with a ‘00’, has been given to only seven agents so far. Over time agents 002, 003, 004, and 009 have been killed. Agent 006 too was believed to be dead but later returned as the villain in GoldenEye. However, Bond (007) killed him in the movie. 008 has never been shown, but he has been mentioned as Bond’s replacement should Bond die.
There are no 001 or 005.

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