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The heat is on

Friday, April 15, 2011

Summer is here and kids are going to need an outlet for all that energy.Rhea Dhanbhoora tells you how to make sure your kids have a fun filled summer without driving you up the wall

How often have you been subject to cries of ‘I’m bored!’ ringing through your ears all through summer? With schools finally over, your kids are going to want to have a fun filled summer. In order to give them the summer they deserve after a hard year at school and still keep your sanity, you’re going to need a little help. That’s where summer camps and workshops come in. Take a look at a few camps that are here to help your kids have a great summer...

If you think your child is ready for a lavish banquet of art, theatre, creative writing, film making and more, then this summer carnival is for you. The Pomegranate Workshop introduces a slew of summer workshops that will last an entire month. The workshops are held in Andheri, Chembur and Prabhadevi, so wherever you’re located you can be sure your child can get involved.

Akshat, from the Workshop tells us, “Children will encounter experts in different arts who will encourage them to explore their creative potential in a fun way. Every day they will discover new techniques, materials and ways to challenge their imagination.”

Children from 7 - 14 can meet and interact with an exciting troupe of visual artists, writers, dancers and more.
When: April 18 - May 14
Contact: Akshat: 9833012484 / Priya: 9867053339 or visit www.tpw.in

If your children veer towards the theatrical, the 23 workshops, 6 plays and 4 films that the NCPA is offering for an entire month will suit them just fine. Not to mention the 8 dance workshops with performances by kids at the end of every workshop that will give them the opportunity to let the star in them shine.

Deepa Gahlot, Head of Programming in Theatre and Film at the NCPA tells us, “Summer vacations are a time for kids to enjoy, and here they learn something new, interact with other kids and have a great time. It’s a fun,non-competitive environment.”

Amrita Lahiri, Head of Programming for Dance at NCPA and a renowned Kuchipudi dancer, tells us, “There’s a variety of workshops from Kathak and jazz to clowning around, as well as amazing plays and classic films. I’m sure children will love the summer fiesta because of the variety.”

When: May 2 - 29
Contact:www.ncpamumbai.com/ announcements/ncpa-summer-fiesta
Deepa Shinde on 66223802/ 9930685699

Think your child has got rhythm? Gold’s Gym, (Nepeansea road), in association with Kreatiwitty, has the perfect summer class for kids who like to shake a leg. And mums don’t have to lag far behind. The dance program lets toddlers, aged 2 and above dance with their mothers.

Althea Shah, General Manager and Fitness Expert from the gym tells us, “It’s different, fun and definitely a good learning experience. It’s a mom and toddler class where moms are working out with their kids. They get to learn salsa at a young age. We also use props to make it interesting; from maracas for Salsa, sticks for disco dancing and more.” So go ahead and help them shake a leg.

When: May 2 onwards
Contact: 23694654 / 23694677

If you want your little bundle of joy to have an entertaining and educational summer, Ruchika Khanduri and Pooja Nakashe have the perfect avenue. Montessori and activity centre Little Feet has workshops including a summer arts program, Bollywood dance workshop and more.

Pooja and Ruchika tell us, “Children are full of energy and parents are looking for the right avenues to channel it. We have activities which use the Montessori concept which helps create awareness and give parents a taste of the method.”

So instead of letting your children spend all summer in front of the television, enroll them here. Pooja and Ruchika explain, “A child can explore multiple avenues such as science, music, art and craft, dance and more, while learning and having fun.”

When: April 25 – May 14
Contact: 22 2494 2995 / 98202 45260 or


If your children are tired of all the workshops and city activities and can’t wrap their heads around being indoors all summer, then the summer camps at YMCA are for them. Camp Lakeside, the 40 acre campsite surrounded by the Andhra Lake adamantly states it’s a campsite, not a resort. Which means a little less luxury but a lot more fun activities such as rock climbing and kayaking.

Youth Program Co-ordinator Carlos A. tells us, “Every summer, the YMCA organises its annual camp program.

This year we're having four camps for children aged 7 - 17 and a fifth one geared up for the entire family. Our theme this time around is 'Back 2 Da Basics' and focuses on the essential four core values of the YMCA (which are caring, respect, honesty and responsibility).”

You can be sure your children are getting the adventure they need as well as having a great time, meeting new people with similar interests and learning new things. There will be unique, challenging opportunities and the chance to master innumerable skills including problem-solving, teamwork, leadership, negotiation and more while instilling confidence and independence at the same time. And don’t forget the fun they’ll be having alongside all of this.

“We provide positive outdoor experiences that encourage wholesome development and growth of the young and young-at-heart!” Carlos concludes.

When: May 2 onwards
Contact: 23824534 or www.ymcacamplakeside.org

Keep Kids Busy
If your child is not the workshop or the camp sort or if you’d like to spend quality time with them in the summer instead, here are a few things you and your children can do together this summer...

  • Indulge in some good old swims together. Spending a day at the beach or by the pool will be relaxing for you and help your child have a great time too.
  • Stock up on your greeting cards by making batches of them with your kids all through the summer.
  • Involve them in kitchen activities with easy recipes and no bake desserts.
  • Take them on short site seeing trips and explain important landmarks. Make it fun with little historical anecdotes.

Widen Your Search
The internet is a great place to look if you’re still searching for the perfect place for your child. If you are just looking for a great location for your children to spend the summer, take a look at some of these websites that also offer summer camps for kids...

  •  http://www.youreka.in/: They offer a host of Summer camps for kids of various ages from 9 - 16. The camp has seven days filled with adventure and the outdoors.
  • http://www.kidssummercamp.in/: The summer camp, Frolic Boonies, is a fun filled wildlife camp for enthusiastic and adventurous kids from 8 - 16 years. There are 4 day fast track camps and 8 day relaxation camps that claim to inculcate a lifelong love towards wildlife.
  • http://www.empowercamp.com/ studenttraining.html: The camps promise to help kids get attuned to nature and learn how to live outdoors. They also have a special parent and child camp to help form a bond between the two.
  • http://www.naturetrails.in/ Childrens-Activity-Camp-Mumbai.html: They organise hill walking, camp craft, summer camps and more and give your children the opportunity to experience nature in all its varied colours.
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