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The Centre Of Attention

Friday, May 29, 2015

Whether you’re having a tea party, a small social gathering or just hosting a few friends for drinks, you’re going to need a side table! Picking one to match your décor is hard enough, but since it’s going to take centrestage in your living room, you have to make sure you embellish it right too. Rhea Dhanbhoora & Dev Goswami help you place and accentuate your coffee table

Tables We Love

Perfect for the matchbox-sized homes in Mumbai, coffee tables are a boon in your living room, whether you want to place a book down, have your morning cup of tea or entertain guests. Take a look at a few great options.

Traditional Touch
The ethnic styles at Baaya Design never disappoint. We love these nested tables!
Price Rs 54,000

Artsy Appeal
For a simple, but attention-grabbing option, pick up this table from Baaya Design.
Price Rs 38,000

Contemporary Colour
A modern design with a splash of colour — this table from is perfect for a new-age home.
Price Rs 14,995

Stay Quirky
If you’re looking to add a contemporary, but funky touch to your décor, pick up this Indie Nesbit table from
Price Rs 24,499

Vintage Charm
This oak-barrel-inspired table from is both unique and functional.
Price Rs 54,499

Dress It Up
If you already own a coffee table, you know that it runs the risk of looking a little dull in the middle of your room, even if it’s placed against a wall! These items are the perfect way to add a little touch of colour to your coffee table.

Note It Down
A colourful, notebook like this one from will add colour and come in handy!
Price Rs 499

Bottoms Up
These bottles, from, will instantly liven up your coffee table.
Price Rs 1,200

Tea Time Fun
If you’re a fan of old-school décor, this tea pot from is the perfect addition on your side table. 
Price Rs 2,499

Fun With Quotes
You cannot go wrong with quote-based décor elements. We recommend placing this tray from Bliss, with the mugs on your table!.
Price Rs 899 (tray) and Rs 150 (mug)

Memories A’hoy!
Traditional designs don’t always suit modern décor, but a tiny addition works well. Pick up this coaster from HyperCITY.
Price Rs 799

Serving Class
This nut bowl from Arrtd’inox is classy enough to serve refreshments in as well as to store a few knick-knacks.
Price Rs 1,455

Yellow Tints
These vintage-tinted coasters from Tranceforme will look great strewn across your coffee table.
Price Rs 190 each

Getting Arty
If you don’t want to incorporate ethnic elements into your decor on a large scale, this tray and coaster set from Baaya Design will be a subtle option.
Price Rs 1,550 (tray) and Rs 1,450 (coasters)

Trippy Much?
These bottles from ICasa may not be functional, but we can’t deny how lovely they will look on a coffee table!
Price Rs 5,645 (green bottle) and Rs 7,115 (yellow bottle)

A Touch Of Nature
These wooden, peacock-themed coasters from Baaya Design will add a lively touch to your table.
Price Rs 3,250

Colours & Flowers
We love these vases from Home Centre — the colours will look great in any home! 
Price Rs 299 for both

Fun With Metal
If you have the budget, we recommend picking this grapevine tray from Frazer and Haws — it will look great on a dark coffee table.
Price Rs 51,200

The Red Devils
Showcase your sporty side with a set of coasters from
Price Rs 799

Not So Shady
This candle stand from will look great during the day and help add a warm glow to your room at night.
Price Rs 799

Get Rocking
Can’t fit a rocking chair in your living room? Make do with this super-cute coaster holder from 
Price Rs 1,499

Style Your Coffee Table
There are so many different ways to decorate your coffee table that one story can’t give you enough information. But, if you want to keep things simple, here’s a basic guide.

  • Get in some nature: Too much wood can make your home look dull and sometimes, even boring. You need to ensure that there’s a good balance of earthy wood and bright, natural colours. And, your coffee table is the perfect place to do so. From tiny plants (get faux plants if you don’t have the time to take care of a plant) to showpieces in colours such as green and blue, there are several ways to add a touch of nature to your coffee table as well as to your décor.
  • Book the space: There’s a reason it’s called a coffee table book! But, you don’t have to go that far! A couple of interesting books for your guests to enjoy or even books that you’re currently reading will add a great touch to your home décor. But, make sure that you place them neatly leaving enough space for the table to be used.
  • No to fruit baskets: You’d be surprised to see how many home décor magazines and blogs proudly display fruit baskets perched on top of a coffee table. But, this is not only impractical (it uses valuable space), it doesn’t add to your décor either. Place the fruit basket on your dining table, if you have one, and place a cute tray with tiny knick-knacks on your coffee table instead.
  • Minimalistic glory: Sometimes, simple arrangements work best. Placing just a vase and a few books will lend a classy touch to your coffee table. You can swap the vase for a tray with items such as coasters and tiny show-pieces. 
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