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Friday, September 14, 2012

Yashasvi Vachhani tells you about Soy Street, Vashi’s new Thai restaurant

As you enter this dimly lit area, decorated with flags from across the world and a tuk-tuk on the wall, you’re met by The Soy Man, the mascot of Soy Street. He bears a striking resemblance to Master Shifu from the movie Kung Fu Panda and he greets you with the phrase ‘Man Man Chi,’ or ‘have a great meal.’ True to his words, the food here is delicious. Their inspiration is Thai street food and they endeavour to re-create authentic Thai flavours.

Our meal started with the Peppery Balinese Vegetable Broth (`100) and Tibetan Chicken Thukpa (`115); the vegetables played peek-a-boo through the broth and the spices come out to win a few spoonfuls later. The broth was delicious and heavy, so be careful while ordering as portions here are large. The red thukpa is spicy at first but once you get used to the taste, it is fabulous. We also tried the recommended White and Red Wine Sangrias (`225 and `250 respectively), the former of which won us over.

Our Thai food journey then reached the starter junction. The first dish we tried was the Thai style Poh Pia Spring Roll (`165) served with a sweet chili drizzle. Biting in, the sweet hits you and then the other flavours take over; it keeps you surprised with all the flavours packed into a single roll. Next up was Corn Cream (`175), which was one of my favourites. The deep fried corn cream tossed with salt and pepper simply melts in your mouth. Thailand is known for its dumplings and you must try the whole Prawn Dumpling with chilli oil (`265), which is filled with prawns and cheese. The Shiitake Mushroom & Water Chestnut Dumpling (`195) is quite nice as well.

For main course, we tried the Pad Thai Noodles ( `230) and the Thai favourite Red Curry (`275), which was a tad bit too coconut-y for my liking. The Grilled Chicken with jasmine rice (`325) was very filling and great on the palette as well. For dessert, we picked the Chocolate Lava (`149) which was warm, with a nice crust and the goodness of gooey chocolate at the center. This was the perfect finish to our wonderful journey through the delicacies of Thai street food.

Soy Street is a must visit if you love Thai cuisine and if you live around Vashi, we recommend you check it out at least once.

Where 1st floor, Inorbit Mall, Vashi
Meal for two `1,500 (with alcohol)
Alcohol served Yes
Contact 65255095

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