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Shiny Disco Ball!

Friday, February 07, 2014

The 48 Hrs team visited Z’Non to see if this bar/ lounge is a good place to hop into for a few drinks with friends...

Well, well, where do we start? Z’Non turned out be a mix of a bar, lounge and club. But, unfortunately, there were quite a few moments when one aspect clashed with the other. While the ambience had us confused, in the food and beverage department, all three reviewers had a unanimous verdict. We tried the Tandoori Aloo (Rs 220), Cheese & Jalapeno Poppers (Rs 280), Fish Fingers (Rs 325), Burnt Garlic Chicken (off the menu) and a Vegetarian Pizza (Rs 350). We also tried a few cocktails: Two barman specials (one rum, one vodka), Whisky Sour (Rs 300), Shamrock (Rs 300) and Almond Bliss (Rs 300) — the last two were their specials. Read on to find out what we thought of Z’Non.

Though the pricey menu might not suggest it, Z’Non seemed to be a place aimed at college students. The cocktails were decent — the vodka barman special tasted artificial, but the whisky sour was nice. However, the food was a big disappointment — from being extremely oily (the burnt garlic chicken) to being a victim of some really bad cheese (the pizza and poppers), it was overpriced and underwhelming. However, not everything was bad — the Tandoori Aloo was delicious and the Fish Fingers were alright. But, it doesn’t say much about a place if fish fingers are the best dish of the night, right?

One thing is for sure — the bar/lounge/club (I’m still not sure) will leave a lasting impression. But, it’s a bit of a shame that it’s a pretty tacky one. Your experience ends up with you balancing a spinning head from a salt overdose courtesy the food and a shudder after climbing up an almost bordello blue staircase near the entrance. Wear sunglasses indoors, because if they put on their flashing disco lights, you’ll suffer from temporary blindness. I had to blink a thousand times to get my head screwed on straight while leaving — and it wasn’t the alcohol talking. Their smoke machine doesn’t help lessen the blow. The food wasn’t exciting either but the Tandoori Aloo was tasty enough for seconds.

Z’Non isn’t what amazing lounges or clubs are made of, but you’re lucky if you manage to bag a spot at the bar or a table with a sofa seat, because if you land up at a table with chairs that are actually cushioned stools, your back is going to be really unhappy. The food, barring the Tandoori Aloo with its lip smacking mustard spice paste, was abysmal. The pizza was unimaginative with clumps of cheese. The poppers were wrecked by the same cheese and a bland filling, whereas the fish fingers were too salty for my liking. The Burnt Garlic Chicken had a nice flavour, but it came in a pool of oil. For the price they charge you, this place is a complete downer. Unless you don’t mind clumps of cheese stuck to the roof of your mouth, I’d pick drinking with friends at home over heading here.

Meal for two Rs 2,000 approximately (with alcohol)
Where First Floor, 355, Linking Road, Near Khatwari Darbar, Bandra (W)
Alcohol served Yes (Pint of beer Rs 175 approximately)
Contact 9833106180

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