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Shelve That Razor!

Friday, November 27, 2015

We’re saying goodbye to No-Shave November soon, but that’s not the only time when grooming your beard should be a priority. Dev Goswami & Yamini Walia bring you the complete guide to taking care of your facial hair even as beard fever wears off

No-Shave November often invokes passionate discussions that range from celebrating facial hair to calling the concept’s bluff, saying — “It’s just a glorified excuse for men to be lazy!” The debate is never-ending. But, if you have decided to follow the trend, grooming is really important, November or not. Take a look at what No-shave November was all about, get some grooming tips and turn to the next page for some inspiration from our favourite bearded men.       

Did you know?
No-Shave November is not a hip, fashionable trend. It’s actually about cancer awareness. That got your attention, didn’t it? If you don’t believe us, visit No-shave.org; it’s a foundation that aims to raise awareness about cancer. No-Shave November is actually a way for you to donate the savings of not shaving or waxing any kind of hair on your body. These donations are then used to fund different charities. Of course, the tradition can be traced back to before No-shave.org was formed, but the origins of that are a bit dicey. A popular theory with origins in Australia says that it began with a group of men who decided to grow their moustaches during the month of November. But, this ended up becoming Movember — which is a different trend altogether, though it’s also about supporting a cause.   

So, what’s Movember?
Just like No-Shave November, Movember is also about raising awareness for causes such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer and physical inactivity. But, unlike No-Shave November, this portmanteau of moustache and November involves growing your moustache as well as your beard. Also, it focusses more on men’s health (you can find out more on Movember.com).   

Grooming tips
Unless you plan on disappearing into the Himalayas, letting your beard or moustache grow out without caring for it is not a good idea. All the celebrities you see rocking stylish beards probably spent hours with stylists to perfect the look. Of course, doing that everyday isn’t practical, but it’s still important to follow a basic grooming routine. Jay Kishan Pawar, a barber and trainer at Truefitt & Hill, gives us a few tips.

  • Shampooing and conditioning your beard every alternate day is a good idea. Make sure to use a brand that suits your hair and skin.
  • Comb your beard, twice a day, at least, so that it doesn’t curl up.
  • Regularly using beard oil will keep the skin under your beard healthy, nourished and moisturised. Remember, healthy skin will help keep your beard healthy.
  • Once you’re done growing your beard, groom it properly by trimming it at least once a week.
  • Grooming depends on what type of beard you have and on your face shape. For example, if it is a chin curtain beard then you can’t  afford to keep it messy. Make sure you keep it neat and sharp, and comb it every day.

Your beard needs as much care and grooming as the hair on your head. And, the right products make all the difference. Here are a few suggestions.

Phillips trimmer
A trimmer is an essential grooming item and keeps your beard in place. Pick up the Philips QT4001/15 Beard Trimmer and style your beard any way you like. It gives you precision from as short as 1mm to 10mm and is completely skin-friendly.
Price Rs 928
Where www.nykaa.in

Beardo oil and wash
Well, it is as cool as it sounds! Beardo includes both Beardo oil and Beardo wash. Beard oil moisturises, conditions and rejuvenates your facial hair, giving it a healthy look. They claim to use the finest ingredients and quality controlled manufacturing processes to bring you the products that keep your beard soft and shiny. The range of beard oils and beard washes are available in five blends — The Black Velvette, The Classic, The Old Fashioned, The Blood and Sand and The Irish Royale, all of which also have a pleasant fragrance.
Price Rs 170 and Rs 350 onwards, for beard oil and beard wash, respectively
Where www.beardo.in

Soulflower beard and moustache roll on
This roll on by Soulflower will keep your beard and moustache soft, manageable and frizz-free, while also conditioning the skin underneath. Not only does it get rid of itchiness, but it also hydrates your skin, and keeps your beard manageable, while improving its growth.
Price Rs 150
Where www.amazon.in

While No-Shave November and Movember are linked to rather serious issues, it would be silly to argue that they are completely disassociated from the world of fashion. Take your inspiration from these trendsetters and find a style for yourself.

If you’ve got medium hair and a full beard, and you have a ducktail. In most cases, it should be pointy, but it becomes a bit difficult to maintain. So, like Mathew McConaughey (who looks like an absolute dream in this style), don’t shy away from sporting a modified, practical ducktail.

Circle beard
Ah, yes! That’s  what every woman will say after looking at this picture of Tom Hardy. The circle beard is an absolute favourite and something that looks good on most men. But, this look is quite a tough act to follow !

Full Beard
Nothing is more masculine than a man with a full beard. It looks classy when the beard is groomed, and rugged when it’s not. Inarguably the most popular beard style, the Notebook star, Ryan Gosling makes a bold statement in this look. 

So Professional
A clean shaven look may be apt for most professional environments, but a beard establishes an entirely different sense of authority. Shane West, from A Walk to Remember, sure knows how to pull off this style.

Hipster style
Ex-Spiderman, Andrew Garfield, is the perfect example of how to carry off a hipster beard without looking unkempt. This look is simple — just don’t shave and let it grow. But, be warned that maintaining this beard can be challenging! Read our box for a few handy grooming tips.

Go long
The new Batman, Ben Affleck, maintains his serious persona by sporting a stubble, but it’s a long one that looks amazing. So, if you want to make a point or come across as a guy with staunch beliefs, this is the perfect style for you. The best part is that it’s easy to maintain!

Thick talk
Just do it — this is what actor Shia La Beouf would say to sporting a thick beard. If you are lucky enough to be able to grow a beard like this, don’t waste the opportunity to! Trust us, a man with a beard like this is absolutely irresistible.

Van Dyke
Van Dyke is a short beard with a pointy moustache. Johnny Depp knows exactly how to work this look like a charm. And, that hat is the perfect accessory.

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